GeneSeeker, Genetic Compatibility Test is a test that allows us to identify in future parents the presence of disease-causing genes that could be transmitted to their children.
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What is GeneSeeker, Genetic Compatibility Test?

What is GeneSeeker, Genetic Compatibility Test?

What genes does it analyse?

The Genetic Compatibility Test studies a total of 6,600 mutations linked to 600 genetic disorders.

Taking the test reduces the risk of having children who are affected by any of these genetic disorders from the general population risk of 1 in 100 to approximately 1 in 30,000.



90% of patients who undergo an assisted reproduction treatment at IVI become pregnant.


97% of our patients recommend IVI.
IVI provides personalised care and support during all stages of treatment.


IVI is a pioneer in the latest assisted reproduction technology in order to present the best results.


We are not the most expensive choice. We offer the most treatment options in order to achieve the best results.

Who is it aimed at?

  • Couples who want to get pregnant naturally, to verify the compatibility of both parents and rule out the option of carrying the same alteration.
  • Couples undergoing an assisted reproductive treatment, with the same objective – assuring genetic compatibility of both members.
  • Patients resorting to an egg or sperm donation. At IVI, the Compatibility Genetic Test is obligatory for all our donors so if the patient or her partner who provide their own gamete do the Test, we can match them with the perfect donor and minimise the risk of a genetic disorder.

How is it done?

We are talking about a very simple procedure consisting in taking a blood sample and the results are available after about 3 weeks.

Patients can choose to have a blood sample taken at any IVI clinic or to do it in their home country if they prefer not to travel. In this case, IVI gets in touch with the laboratory to have the blood collection kit sent to the patient and to manage the sample´s shipping. The patient may also choose to have the sample taken at any laboratory in their city and send it to a testing facility, which will let us know once the results are available.

What does it mean that we both carry the same mutation?

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