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The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Infertility Treatment

Trying to become pregnant is inevitably a time of heightened hopes and fears. Hopes focus on images of a happy and contented pregnancy followed by a trouble-free birth and that magical moment when you hold your own baby in your arms. But fears are never far away either, and these can centre on general health and whether the time is right but above all on the prospect of infertility and whether infertility treatment will be necessary. Even those who already have a child could well be aware that secondary infertility is more common than primary infertility, their fears intensifying accordingly.


What are the causes of secondary infertility?

The difference between primary and secondary infertility is that in the case of secondary infertility, the sufferer has already had a child or even children. Primary infertility is the inability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to term in the first place. Quite often, the causes are similar. Whatever the cause, experiencing primary or secondary infertility can be surprising, bewildering and a cause for very real distress and grief.