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We feel we had to write about our experience with your clinic and thank you from the bottom off our hearts, for the way we were looked after, from start to finish, whilst our treatment was going on.
From the beginning, when we approached the IVI centre, via email, not knowing what we were going to let ourselves in for, to the day we had the embryo transfer.
We been over 40yrs old, and of Asian Indian origin and in a foreign country not been there before and if honest a little scared.
First surprise, been the quick response on the initial contact, via email and the one to one attention given by Marie ,who made us feel so welcome and spoke English to our surprise. We liaised with Marie via email and during the period, we felt more confident and reassured of the process to come.
The whole treatment from start to finish was conducted in 2 visits to your clinic on a day basis and we were accommodated by yourselves to suit our needs.
You probably have loads of letters about testimonials regarding your clinic, but I would like to say to your fellow readers, that our experience, being Indian as well, was the most genuine and heart-warming and would recommend fellow Asian Indian, or couples of any ethnicity, to go and try your centre.

For we started off from England with hope and we ended up with a truly beautiful princess.
So don’t dream off it go for it!!

Our warmest thanks
From some proud parents.

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