It is with the greatest pleasure that…


It is with the greatest pleasure that we write to you on the birth of our beautiful baby boy. He was born on 15 February 2012 and weighed 3150 grams.
There are no words sufficient to describe the full extent of our gratitude to you and the team at IVI Valencia for what you have done for us in creating such a beautiful new life and addition to our family. We would like to thank you in particular Professor Remohi for the way you dealt with our case, we so appreciated your openness, compassion and dedication. During our treatment at the clinic we experienced a number of failed fertilizations at first, but you did everything you could to ensure a viable embryo was eventually produced, which ultimately led to the birth of our baby. We were always confident that you would do everything in your power to achieve a successful outcome and we owe you so very much.
Of course we will never get the chance to give thanks directly to the woman who donated her eggs used in our treatment that led to the birth of our baby. Whilst we will never meet her, we do hope that somehow she learns about the absolute joy that her donation has brought to a couple in the United Kingdom. She has given us the greatest gift of all and transformed our lives forever.
We cannot thank you and your team enough, including the nurses and the embryologists that were involved in our treatment. We will never forget what you have done for us and one day we will explain to Elias about the wonderful people in Spain that helped bring him into the world.
Our very best wishes and eternal gratitude to you all.

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