“We had times when we really thought it wasn´t going to happen; in fact, we got to the point when we were sure that is wasn´t going to happen and then Arthur came along, with the help of IVI…He is an amazing little person, changed our lives completely, and we wouldn´t be without him.”

“Nothing is a guarantee when you do IVF, but when we went to IVI Sevilla, they gave us this little bit of extra luck, it seemed like they gave us a bit of extra luck and we thought we were in a good place.
When we had Mario, it was like 7 years of love that kind of… erupted on him. Three years later we had Eleanor. Both of them, they have kind of changed the way we feel life.”

In constant contact

For us, social networks and forums are a reflection of the personalised care that we provide to each person who comes to an IVI centre.We like to follow up on patients not only before and during their treatment but also afterwards through their experiences, and we like to offer ideas and advice via our blog.

First-hand accounts of patients experiences

True stories of hopes, doubts, moments of joy and euphoria.