MACS is a technique that allows sperm with the best characteristics to be selected, eliminating those destined to die without achieving fertilization and choosing the healthiest ones, which increases the possibility of pregnancy.

What is MACS?

What is MACS?

In what cases is it indicated?

This technique can be used with any kind of patient, but is mainly used with:

  • Patients going through an artificial insemination treatment.
  • Patients who have a high level of DNA fragmentation in their sperm sample.
  • Patients who have had repeated miscarriages with an unidentified cause.
  • Patients who have had at least one previous treatment cycle or who have poor embryo quality which is not attributable to the eggs.


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The MACS technique involves the use of antibodies bound to tiny biodegradable magnetic particles that have the ability to recognize apoptotic sperm, that is, damaged sperm that are not able to fertilize the egg.

The sample is passed through columns with a magnetic field, so that these apoptotic sperm cells are retained in the walls of the column.

Thus, the fraction we obtain only contains healthy spermatozoa with the best physiological qualities for use in assisted reproduction treatments.

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