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IVI Clinic Alicante

A team which is specialised in assisted reproduction in Alicante techniques and treatments, aided by the very latest technology and fully committed to providing you with the most personalised care possible.

centro reproduccion asistida Alicante


Avenida de Denia, 111
03015 Alicante
(Entrance from the street Jaime Galiana, 1)
Free Parking

Medical team

A team of professionals who are pioneers in research

José Remohí

President of IVI Group

Antonio Pellicer

President of IVI Group

Antonio Requena

General Medical Director of Grupo IVI

IVI Clinic Valencia

90% of women who undergo fertility treatment at IVI manage to get pregnant.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Easy procedure to get started as soon as possible.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Variety of personalised alternative methods to aid conception.

IVI Clinic Valencia

A close relationship and treatments adapted to the needs of each patient.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Professional experts with high international prestige, pioneers in research.

IVI is a group of clinics specialized in Assisted Reproduction that include the most important centers in Spain. With over 25 years’ experience and an impeccable curriculum, our clinics are reputed all over the world. The IVI Alicante clinic is a benchmark both for couples with fertility problems as well as for patients who would like a thorough monitoring during the pregnancy.

The IVI Alicante clinic has a specific system, carefully prepared and detailed to care for all areas that a treatment may encompass: from the Psychological Support Unit, that gives the patient the necessary preparation and moral support needed during a pregnancy, up to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine Department, that deals with all stages of the pregnancy.

Our methods go far beyond a basic fertility treatment. At IVI Alicante we study and offer all the possible options to obtain the most feasible results to achieve a pregnancy. We provide continuous care and give specific recommendations to every patient, because each person is unique!

We rely on one of the world’s best and largest team of doctors, with pioneer researchers and cutting-edge technology in the areas of fertility and pregnancy. Techniques such as the Embryoscope®, used throughout the whole world, have been developed with the indispensable contribution of the IVI Group.

Besides, IVI Alicante offers each patient the best resources in treatments such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or egg donation. Genetics and the developments in fertility preservation are other fields where we excel and are in the forefront in comparison with other clinics.

All the work is led by Doctor Manuel Muñoz, the clinic’s director, expert at Gynecology and a member of the most prestigious medical societies and associations in Europe. Doctor Muñoz oversees a team where your care is our main goal.

More than 60.000 families cannot be mistaken, choose IVI. With success rates of over 90%, audited by external and independent companies.