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We offer alternatives to increase the success of your treatment with your own eggs

Poor ovarian response and advanced maternal age are factors that affect many of our patients, which is why we are leaders in this area of research. To offer you the latest advances and increase your chances of becoming a mother. Our goal is to minimize the effects of ovarian insufficiency so that more and more patients realize their dream of becoming mothers, and they do it with their own eggs.


It has been shown that a single round of treatment is sufficient to produce the benefits of the procedure, which can be observed in 2-6 months.

Stem cell therapy can help to both reverse the effects of premature menopause and to restore fertility.

These therapies are based on processing parts of our own body, so there have been no reports of significant risk of allergic reaction or rejection of the treatment.

Our current data indicates that patients who undergo an ovarian rejuvenation procedure experience an increase in AMH levels, which in turn is associated with the possibility of obtaining more oocytes during puncture.


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