What is a Follicle Scan?
21 November 2022
What is a Follicle Scan?

In a normal menstrual cycle, there is a window of five days or so in which you can conceive. This is because one of the prerequisites for conception and pregnancy is the presence of a mature egg waiting to be fertilized. There are lots of ways for women who want to become pregnant to work… View Article

Difference Between Left Ovary and Right Ovary
17 November 2022
Difference Between Left Ovary and Right Ovary

The idea that there is any difference between the left and right ovary might come as a surprise to some. After all, it would be understandable to assume that, since we have two ovaries, the work of producing a mature egg each month would be distributed equally between the left and right ovary. But then… View Article

Prof. Antonio Pellicer best researcher
16 November 2022
Professor Antonio Pellicer, best researcher in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in Spain

Prof. Antonio Pellicer, CEO of IVIRMA, heads the ranking of the best researchers in Spain in the category of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and in Reproductive Biology. This is reflected in the h-index, based on the scientific production with the greatest impact throughout the world. The truth is that Professor Pellicer has led this classification for… View Article

how long is a woman's egg viable after ovulation
5 November 2022
How long is a woman’s egg viable after ovulation?

When you’re trying to get pregnant, it’s important to understand the basics about fertility, beyond the simple fact that you need an egg and a sperm, and they need to meet at the right time, for conception to occur. How long is a woman’s egg viable after ovulation? The fact is, this is normally only… View Article

male infertility
27 October 2022
Artificial Intelligence tools and mother-embryo dialogue, IVI’s main players at the ASRM Congress

Male infertility and artificial intelligence is also one of our priorities while researching. Research is one of the mainstays of IVI’s success and leadership in the field of reproductive medicine. Over the last few days we have been present at the 78th Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), with numerous research projects…. View Article

role of progesterone
17 October 2022
What is the role of progesterone? Functions and Supplements

Role of progesterone is decisive for every woman who wants to get pregnant. Progesterone is one of the naturally occurring hormones that help to regulate many bodily processes. The most important progesterone function in females is the menstrual cycle, helping to support a healthy pregnancy. Progesterone is a sex hormone, one of the main two affecting… View Article

can you get pregnant with an ovarian cyst
10 October 2022
Can you get pregnant with an ovarian cyst?

Can you get pregnant with an ovarian cyst? Ovarian cysts are very common, generally harmless and some types are a harmless by-product of your natural fertility cycle. Naturally, if you’re hoping to get pregnant, it’s important to know how to differentiate between them, and understand whether ovarian cysts can compromise your fertility. Read this IVI… View Article

how soon can you do ivf after having a baby
26 September 2022
How soon can you have IVF after having a baby?

It’s understandable that many people who experience the joy of holding their own baby in their arms want to do it all over again. Many parents wish to provide a sibling for their offspring or complete their family within what they judge to be an ideal timescale. The desire to grow or complete the family… View Article

telemedicine and assisted reproduction
4 August 2022
Telemedicine and assisted reproduction: present and future

Telemedicine and assisted reproduction are definitely linked, since the pandemic changed our daily lives more than two years ago. The global lockdown removed barriers and created new habits, re-adapting some of them in some cases. With a new perspective, it seems unreasonable now not to bring products or services closer to the consumer. Regard assisted… View Article

testosterone level
14 July 2022
How does low testosterone affect male fertility?

Testosterone is the best-known of the male sex hormones. It is widely recognized for being associated with the production of sperm, as well as muscle mass, bone development and sex drive. Low testosterone can therefore have a negative effect on all these characteristics. However, although the role of testosterone in sperm production is important, low… View Article

Paternal age does not influence maternal and foetal health during pregnancy
6 July 2022
Does paternal age condition the health of the mother and foetus in pregnancy?

Today’s society increasingly delays the age at which men become fathers. Many studies have already been conducted on this issue and on how a woman’s age affects many factors, including perinatal, obstetric and, of course, gestational outcomes. However little or nothing was known until now about the influence of paternal age in this regard. Study… View Article

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