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IVI Assisted Reproduction Clinics are the leading assisted reproduction centres in our country, and a point of reference for patients from all over Europe who come to our clinics to receive specialised care. Our experts and our development of new treatments are permanently mentioned in the specialised press and are the focus of attention of professionals in Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology.

At IVI Bilbao we make your dream of becoming a mother come true, we guarantee it with the IVI Baby Plan.

Only IVI can commit to a plan that guarantees the birth of your baby. Because we have the best pregnancy success rates and the best laboratories and specialists in Assisted Reproduction. In addition, we are committed to innovation and research on an ongoing basis. For all these reasons, we know that IVI Baby is the best guarantee so that our patients can fulfil their dream.

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Landabarri Bidea, nº 3 - 2 nd plant
48940 Leioa Vizcaya España


Metro/TramLine 1 Gobela
BusA 3414 (From Bilbao)
AirportLoiu Airport


A pioneering team of professionals in research

Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish law does not set a fixed limit. However, there’s a consensus among all assisted reproduction clinics that the maximum age for treatment is 51. Therefore, at IVI, we offer the possibility of treatment up to that age, although each case needs to be personalized and studied beforehand.

In treatments with donated eggs, the first step is to select the donor according to strict criteria to ensure maximum phenotypic and genetic compatibility. Once a donor has been assigned, the patient will follow a medical protocol to prepare the endometrium, and the specialist will set the date for embryo transfer. At IVI, we will inform you about the entire process and guide you through each stage.

The IVI Bilbao Clinic is one of the most important assisted reproductive centers not only in Spain, but in Europe. Our experts and treatments receive numerous accolades in specialized magazines and we are a benchmark for the greater experts in Genetics and Gynecology.

We are part of a group with over 30 years’ experience and that has helped over 60.000 patients, mainly families with fertility problems or women who, for some reason or other, were unable to have children. Our pregnancy rates are of over 90 % and more than 250.000 children have been born thanks to our help.

At IVI Bilbao we follow the reproductive process from beginning to end, starting with a first consultation where we assess the physical, genetic and psychological circumstances of the patients in order to find the root of the fertility problem and be able to offer alternative solutions to the patients. We provide a constant care and a specific process to each patient, which allows us to guarantee an almost absolute success by caring for all aspects of the pregnancy.

We have specialized in artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, egg donation, oocyte preservation and the preservation of ovarian cortex, and are therefore one of the most sought-after clinics by patients who struggle to have children. Besides, our profound compromise with innovation and the research of new possibilities has enabled us to make significant advances in the area of preservation of fertility for women who wish to postpone maternity; or in genetics, allowing us to detect possible illnesses in the fetus.

At IVI Bilbao we have state of the art facilities and cutting edge technologies in the area of reproduction, led by Doctor Marcos Ferrando, and several experts in Reproductive Medicine, Biology or Psychology. And, fulfilling our strong social compromise, we keep a close relation with research and medical studies.