IVI Regenera (PRGF)

Increase your chances of having pregnancy with Plasma rich in growth factors

What is IVI Regenera?

This innovative technology, which is based on the localized application of growth factors (derived from platelets and/or stem cells from the patient herself), aims to reactivate ovarian activity and improve endometrial receptivity.

Based on Regenerative Medicine, its objective is to restore the “biological environment,” imitating and accelerating the body’s own regeneration processes.

This new strategy has started to be used as an alternative in the treatment of refractory endometriosis and cases of premature ovarian insufficiency and low ovarian reserve, with the aim of improving the success rates of each cycle.

IVI Regenerate Endometrium

The state of the endometrium is crucial in assisted reproductive treatments as optimal conditions are necessary for implantation. Endometrial thickness is one of the most decisive factors for the success of the treatment.

When we fail to achieve the optimal endometrial thickness, we refer to it as refractory endometrium.

With IVI Regenerate Endometrium and the injection of active growth factors derived from the patient’s own blood plasma (processed to release these factors), we facilitate the process of endometrial regeneration with the aim of achieving the optimal endometrial thickness that promotes implantation.


In which cases is it indicated?

Patients with refractory endometrium
EThat is when the optimal endometrial thickness for implantation cannot be achieved through hormonal treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of PRP injections may take between four to six weeks to become noticeable for the patient. Even beyond this timeframe, this treatment will continue to improve the conditions of endometrial receptivity for an additional 6-9 weeks.

IVI Regenera Endometrio is particularly indicated to improve the conditions of endometrial receptivity in women with endometriosis/adenomyosis, refractory and/or thin endometrium, women with Asherman’s syndrome, cases of implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage, and women with obstetric risks due to placental pathologies.

The local injection of PRGF improves implantation conditions by increasing the levels of growth factors and promoting the proliferation of endometrial cells.


Most of the time, patients undergo a series of three PRP instillations for each treatment of this kind.

IVI Regenerate Ovary

In assisted reproductive treatments, the number of oocytes we are able to obtain in each cycle is crucial, as it is directly related to the number of embryos that can be achieved and, therefore, the chances of success in a treatment.

Sometimes, the poor performance of the ovaries results in a high cancellation rate of the cycle. This is quite common in women diagnosed with ovarian insufficiency or low ovarian reserve.

IVI Regenerate Ovary emerges as a solution to restore ovarian function by stimulating follicular development.


In which cases is it indicated?

Ovarian insufficiency
A condition that is characterized by women having a very limited number of primordial follicles. These cases pose a challenge in the context of fertility treatments.

Low ovarian reserve
It is characterized by a scarcity of follicles that respond to ovarian stimulation treatment, which often leads to insufficient oocyte yield to proceed with the cycle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Based on published studies, it is observed that in about 2-3 months, there may be some information available on whether the IVI Regenera Ovario treatment would be effective for the patient. It should be noted that there will not be a spectacular increase in ovarian reserve, but it may be sufficient to consider undergoing IVF treatment or achieve a higher number of eggs, which is crucial for women with a low response.

There are no conclusive data yet, but it is believed that this treatment could be indicated for women with low ovarian reserve or ovarian failure. Each case needs to be studied individually.

The current data regarding oocyte quality is inconclusive. It is important to consider that after the age of 38, there is a significant increase in embryos with chromosomal abnormalities, and this is not altered by these techniques. However, the number of oocytes obtained may increase in patients who respond to the treatment.

It is a step towards improving ovarian reserve, which significantly declines with age. However, there is still a long way to go. IVI is actively working on new techniques for ovarian rejuvenation and has been a pioneer in implementing many of them.

For some patients, one treatment may be sufficient. In other cases, two treatments may be performed. If no results are achieved, alternative treatments will be considered.

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