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6 February 2019
The risk of men requiring fertility treatments increases by 9%

This study received the Academic Award of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology, presented at the last edition of the ASRM The sample, taken from approximately 120,000 men, is the largest used to date in world scientific literature VALENCIA, FEBRUARY 6TH, 2019 Male infertility now represents half the cases treated by assisted reproduction clinics…. View Article

9 October 2018
The deferred transfer of an embryo increases the chances of pregnancy in obese women

Performing the transfer after the oocyte stimulation increases the implantation and pregnancy rates and reduces the abortion rate The effects of stimulation on the endometrium could harm the result of reproductive treatments in fresh cycles in these type of patients Thanks to the vitrification technique, the quality of embryos are not altered by the postponement… View Article

8 October 2018
3D ultrasound, fundamental in the diagnosis of uteri in T, helping to improve reproductive prognosis

This technology is used in all IVI centers, allowing the comprehensive assessment of the uterus, in a simple, fast and detailed way The “T-uteri”, which is characterized by a narrow and tubular endometrial cavity, lead to a higher frequency of worse reproductive and obstetric results DENVER, OCTOBER 8th, 2018 The growing importance in the investigation… View Article

6 July 2018
Artificial Intelligence: the future of embryo selection

This technology is much faster and more consistent than an embryologist to classify embryos using Time-Lapse images Its use can inherently improve our ability to assess the viability of embryos BARCELONA, JULY 4th, 2018 Historically, the role of the embryologist has been and continues to be key in the evaluation and selection of viable embryos… View Article

4 July 2018
A collaboration between IVI and La Fe Hospital has resulted in the birth of three babies, thanks to ovarian rejuvenation

IVI, in collaboration with the La Fe Hospital in Valencia, continues to move forward to help those women with problems of conceiving due to ovarian imbalance After several pregnancies, some spontaneous and others by embryo transfer, this work has resulted in three new born babies, thanks to an ovarian rejuvenation technique via stem cell transplantation… View Article

2 July 2018
Male infertility, two studies undertaken by IVI for debate in the ESHRE congress

Two IVI studies, to assess the capability of predictors and markers of male fertility, accepted as communication at the ESHRE annual meeting Marga Esbert, at IVI Barcelona, explores the predictive capacity of different factors to detect, in advance, the presence of sperm in the testicle prior to a testicular biopsy Rocío Rivera, at IVI Valencia,… View Article

10 April 2018
IVI revolutionises Reproductive Medicine with the promise of a new-born baby

IVI will refund women and couples who do not manage to have a baby as a result of IVI Baby IVI BABY utilizes the latest advances in technology and science to maximize chance of success for infertility patients The quality of the medical protocols, advanced laboratories with state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified professionals together enable… View Article


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