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12 August 2019
A study by IVI Sevilla in collaboration with the IIQ (CSIC) yields new data on the possible causes of polycystic ovary syndrome

These findings allow a deeper understanding of the causes of polycystic ovary syndrome and could lead to the development of new treatments. This disease affects around 5-15% of women of reproductive age and is one of the most common causes of infertility. IVI Sevilla, together with the Instituto de Investigaciones Químicas (the Institute of Chemical… View Article

11 July 2019
Perfect Match 360°: Artificial intelligence and big data to match the perfect donor

This innovative IVI system takes into account phenotype, genetic and biometric criteria to ensure optimal donor allocation. Between 2014 and 2018, IVI clinics in Spain carried out more than 30,000 cycles of assisted reproduction with egg donation and almost 10,000 with donated semen, representing 28% and 9% respectively of the total cycles. IVI offers its… View Article

25 June 2019
A low progesterone level in the blood may reduce the chances of having a baby by 18%

The study, which included a group of almost 1.200 patients, aroused great interest among the scientific circles IVI presents a total of 49 communications: 14 oral, 31 posters y 4 invited sessions. VIENNA, 25 JUNE 2019 The importance of progesterone during pregnancy and even for facilitating the implantation of the embryo prior to getting pregnant… View Article

24 June 2019
The proteins and free radicals produced by embryos enable us to predict pregnancy

IVI presents two new studies on embryo selection based on the proteins and oxide present in the culture media. The assistance of artificial intelligence is presented as one of the keys to perfecting embryo selection in the future. VIENNA, 24 JUNE 2019 One of the lines of research in which most resources are currently being… View Article

4 June 2019
IVI offsets 100% of CO2 emissions generated during the 8th International IVIRMA Congress

The measures taken during this biennial event are aligned with IVI´s strategy of environmental sustainability, a commitment which governs the actions of the company. VALENCIA, June 4, 2019 Last April IVI celebrated the 8th edition of its International IVIRMA Congress in Palma de Mallorca, showing the company´s clear commitment to sustainability. Social and environmental commitment… View Article

9 May 2019
A hydrogel that simulates the endometrium could increase success rates in reproductive treatments

This study has been published in Acta Biomaterialia, a prestigious bioengineering journal with a high impact factor (greater than 6) VALENCIA, 9th MAY 2019 Nowadays, the trend in new bioengineering technologies is to incorporate materials that are as similar as possible to what we find in our own bodies – non-synthetic materials – in order to offer… View Article

8 April 2019
Professors Nuno Costa-Borges, Ashley Moffett and Manuel Tena-Sempere, and the journalists Sonsoles Echavarren and Pilar Arranz, received awards for their contributions to reproductive medicine

The IVI Foundation has awarded a total of €56,000 to the winners The awards were presented by representatives of IVI and MSD MALLORCA, 6th APRIL, 2019 The eighth edition of the congress that IVI organizes every two years has come to an end, and it does so by acknowledging the scientific and journalistic work of… View Article


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