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Embryos created without eggs, sperm or a uterus open the door to a revolution in tissue and organ transplants
22 April 2023
Embryos created without eggs, sperm or a uterus open the door to a revolution in tissue and organ transplants

At the 10th International IVIRMA Congress, the Weizmann Institute of Science presented its technique for generating synthetic mouse embryo models from stem cells grown only in a Petri dish, i.e., without fertilized eggs and without the need for a uterus. The researchers achieved mouse embryos with progenitor cells with a beating heart, a brain with… View Article

artificial intelligence embryos
21 April 2023
The embryo’s return to life: new focus of study of Artificial Intelligence with promising applications

In general, embryos that achieve an evolutionary pregnancy begin their re-expansion within 50 minutes after devitrification. The embryos’ behavior during these first moments as it returns to life helps us to identify embryos with up to 30% higher chances of achieving pregnancy. This work provides objective quantitative values for the variables involved in blastocyst re-expansion,… View Article

uterine fibroids
28 March 2023
Three IVI studies received awards at the SRI for their contributions to the field of reproductive medicine

Therapies for women with premature ovarian failure, the treatment of uterine fibroids with encouraging results, and the possibility of silencing extra chromosomes have won the favour of the SRI scientific committee, recognising the quality and innovation of these studies. Poor oocyte quality is currently one of the main problems limiting reproductive success. In this sense,… View Article

delay motherhood
15 September 2022
78% of young women delay motherhood due to the current socioeconomic context

I Social barometer of Spanish women’s perception of motherhood and fertility The survey, led by IVI, has been carried out among almost 1000 women between the ages of 25 and 45 of middle, middle-high and high socioeconomic level to discover their perception and attitude towards maternity, fertility and assisted reproduction, within the current social, political… View Article

Paternal age does not influence maternal and foetal health during pregnancy
6 July 2022
Paternal age does not influence maternal and foetal health during pregnancy

Two studies presented by IVI at the ESHRE Congress confirm that male age does not appear to have an effect on healthy pregnancy and healthy newborns, as is the case for women of advanced maternal age. Pregnancy and perinatal health indicators such as gestational diabetes, hypertension, infant weight, type of delivery, head circumference or admission… View Article

implantation failure
5 July 2022
Myths and realities of endometrial receptivity in Assisted Reproduction

Embryo and endometrium are two fundamental players in the gestation process. IVI doctors Juan Antonio García Velasco and Elkin Muñoz analyse their influence on recurrent implantation failure and biochemical pregnancy. VALENCIA, 5 JULY 2022 When implantation failure occurs, the first question to be asked is what caused it. Is it the endometrium or the embryo?… View Article

embryo selection
4 July 2022
For the first time ever, Artificial Intelligence achieves 90% accuracy in the selection of chromosomally normal embryos

This is a pioneering study combining 5 modules of embryo image analysis using computer vision to detect ploidy (number of chromosome sets in a cell). 2,500 embryos have been analysed, offering a revolutionary technique in the field of embryology, which is non-invasive, universal, standardised, automatic and improves all current methods of embryo selection. VALENCIA, 4… View Article

3 April 2022
How to manage uncertainty and anxiety in an assisted reproduction process

Women undergoing fertility treatment will at some point go through the beta wait, the time until a blood test result is obtained to confirm pregnancy. Up to 40% of these women suffer from high levels of stress that lead to bouts of anxiety. In fact, stress-related hormones can negatively affect the outcome of treatment. Specialists… View Article

implantation failure
18 March 2022
SRI Awards IVI for its Studies on Ovarian Activation, Embryo Development and Implantation

Scientific research is one of the pillars on which medicine rests, especially in the field of reproductive medicine, in which it leads to solutions for patients with fertility problems so that their desire to have children becomes a reality. In this regard, the 69th annual meeting of the Society for Reproductive Investigation (SRI), which brings… View Article


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