IVI Clinic Barcelona

IVI Clinic Barcelona

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A team which is specialised in assisted reproduction techniques and treatments, aided by the very latest technology and fully committed to providing you with the most personalised care possible.

Ronda General Mitre, 14 (entrada por C/Ricardo Villa, 3)
08017 - Barcelona

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A team of pioneering research professionals.

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Our Barcelona clinic is one of the most important fertility and assisted reproduction clinics in Europe. With over 25 years’ experience, the IVI clinics relies on cutting-edge technology and on the world’s best specialists to offer personalized treatments.

The IVI Barcelona clinic cares about trying to help the couples with fertility problems, single women who wish to become mothers or young women who wish to postpone maternity, to make their greatest dream come true: to bring a new life into the world. More than 110.000 children have been born thanks to our intervention, and our best introduction letter is a success rate of over 90%.

The medical team from IVI Barcelona includes the best experts in the fields of Gynecology, Surgery and even Psychology, as our individualized treatments care for all details entailed in a fertility treatment. Led by Dr. Agustín Ballesteros, the clinic’s director, our specialists in assisted reproduction share their knowledge with experts in Embryology or Biology.

Thanks to thorough studies and pioneer investigations in Spain, the IVI clinics have developed new fertilization techniques and have been able to improve the possibilities with traditional treatments such as in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination. And, for the women who decide to postpone maternity, we offer fertility preservation techniques such as oocyte vitrification.

At our Barcelona clinic we rely also on an important donor bank. Those who wish to solidarize themselves with the fertility problems of other couples can donate oocytes or sperm that will change someone else’s lives. Everything under a strict sanitary control and aided by the latest technologies and the best specialists.

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