Highly complex reproduction

53% of our patients are 40 years old or over
Highly complex reproduction Highly complex reproduction

We are here to help you and to find a solution

Many of our patients come to IVI with a difficult history, but thanks to our professionals, continuous innovation and more than 30 years of experience, we can offer solutions to even the most complex cases.


There are many different causes of implantation failure and it can be due to different maternal factors such as uterine anomalies, hormonal and/or metabolic alterations, and immunological aspects such as thrombophilias.

Most miscarriages occur arbitrarily when an embryo receives the wrong number of chromosomes during fertilisation. This genetic problem occurs by chance as there is no medical condition that causes it.

From the age of 30 onwards, fertility begins to decline slowly, and this decline becomes much more apparent once you are over the age of 35. From the age of 45 onwards, reproductive possibilities have declined so much that many women are unable to achieve a natural pregnancy.

Although low ovarian reserve can be a problem when it comes to gestation, we currently have different treatment solutions that increase the chances of achieving pregnancy with your own oocytes, such as oocyte accumulation and/or the double stimulation protocol.

Find your IVI clinic in Spain

Find your IVI clinic in Spain

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