Calle 50 y 57 Obarrio (frente Seguros ASSA)
Ciudad de Panamá

Medical team

A team of professionals who are pioneers in research

José Remohí

President of IVI Group

Antonio Pellicer

President of IVI Group

Antonio Requena

General Medical Director of Grupo IVI

IVI Clinic Valencia

90% of women who undergo fertility treatment at IVImanage to get pregnant.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Easy procedure to get started as soon as possible.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Variety of personalised alternative methods to aid conception.

IVI Clinic Valencia

A close relationship and treatments adapted to theneeds of each patient.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Professional experts with high international prestige,pioneers in research.

The IVI Clinics are benchmarks of quality throughout the world in assisted reproduction and numerous patients come to our centers daily in search of a definite solution for their fertility problems. The IVI Group receives every year patients from over 80 different nationalities.

Through pioneer research methods in our country led by one of the main medical organizations in the world, the IVI Panama Clinic has been able to develop new fertilization techniques and improve the existing ones to guarantee success in every treatment. In vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, egg donation and the different techniques of fertility preservation have been improved thanks to our constant research.

Our clinic in Panama is a benchmark in the city and has several specialized medical units so that every step of the treatments is in the best possible hands.

The medical team at IVI Panama is formed by the best experts so that our patients can receive an individualized care since the first visit to the clinic. Because at IVI Panama all is prepared to give each patient a unique experience. Under the direction of the prestigious Doctor Roberto Epifanio, our specialists in Reproductive Medicine put all their experience at you service.