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Non-Anonymous Egg Donation

As a worldwide leader in assisted reproduction IVIRMA Global offers this treatment in some of its clinics worldwide.


Before using donated eggs in a fertility treatment, it is important to understand the process of donation and its legal implications.
Non-anonymous egg donation means that any donor-conceived person has the legal right at the age of 18 to request information about their donor. The donor-conceived person has no legal claims or rights in relation to their donor. Similarly, there is no legal implication for the donor towards any children born as a result of their donated egg or embryo.

At the time of donation, only non-identifying information will be available to the recipient of any donated eggs (or embryos), such as height, eye color, hair color, country of birth and educational background. Most patients want to know as much as possible about their donor, so at IVIRMA, we try to make sure our donor profiles are as personal as possible, including how the donor describes themselves, how their friends see them, and what hobbies they have.

Many of our donors also write a personal message for any children born from their donation, which can also be read by the parents.
Counseling is also an essential part of egg donation to ensure that both parties understand the implications of the process.

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