Avenida Reyes Católicos, 13
38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Medical team

A team of professionals who are pioneers in research

José Remohí

President of IVI Group

Antonio Pellicer

President of IVI Group

Antonio Requena

General Medical Director of Grupo IVI

IVI Clinic Valencia

90% of women who undergo fertility treatment at IVI manage to get pregnant.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Easy procedure to get started as soon as possible.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Variety of personalised alternative methods to aid conception.

IVI Clinic Valencia

A close relationship and treatments adapted to the needs of each patient.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Professional experts with high international prestige, pioneers in research.

Over 25 years dedicated to reproductive medicine with more than 110,000 babies born with the help of over 2,000 professionals.  IVI has a success rate of over 90% and is a pioneer in treatments such as artificial insemination, IVF, techniques such as egg vitrification and Embryoscope technology.

Another area where IVI takes special care is the psychological aspect of undertaking treatment. We are concious of the fact that all of our patients place their trust in us as they bravely confront their problems and undertake the journey to motherhood which is not always easy.  We believe and are committed to personalised treatments, offering each patient individual counselling sessions to help them overcome their anxieties about what lies ahead in order to achieve the best emotional balance possible.

Dr. Javier Domingo, who heads up the IVI Tenerife centre, has taken on this new challenge together with his team of specialists. They all work hard to deliver the best fertility solutions to women and couples who rely on Tenerife IVI to realise their own dream of parenthood.