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A team which is specialised in assisted reproduction techniques and treatments, aided by the very latest technology and fully committed to providing you with the most personalised care possible.

Avenida Alonso de Córdova, 5153
7560873 - Las Condes, Santiago de Chile

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A team of pioneering research professionals.

25 years’ experience and a success rate of over 90% in our treatments endorse us, as well as more than 110.000 live births. We are the leading medical institution in Assisted Reproductive Medicine in Europe, having received awards and acknowledgments for our research to help find solutions for couples with fertility problems that do not allow them to conceive naturally. At the IVI Santiago de Chile clinic, infertility is no longer a problem.

Our mission is to achieve a pregnancy. The quality of our patient care, our individualized attention to each case and the maximum transparency in management are some of the reasons why the IVI clinics are among the most sought-after to end problems related to pregnancy and the ability to conceive.

IVI Santiago de Chile offers traditional treatments such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, but we also provide other techniques that help us guarantee a pregnancy, such as the EmbryoScope® or ICSI, which place us at the forefront of medical innovations.

For all these reasons, IVI Chile is the best choice when it comes to solve an infertility problem. We have the best experts in each field of medicine at our patients’ disposal, especially in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology. And we always count with the help of psychologists and a Patient Care Department dedicated to serve you.

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