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Frequently Asked Questions

Before beginning treatment, we will conduct an ultrasound, hormonal analysis, serology, and cytology for the woman. For the man, we will request a semen analysis and serology. If patients already have these tests, they can provide them during the first consultation with the IVI specialist.

Some vasectomy surgeries are reversible. However, even if they are not, reproductive medicine can help men become fathers after a vasectomy. Through a testicular biopsy, we retrieve a semen sample to perform in vitro fertilization in the laboratory with the woman’s eggs. The resulting embryo will then be transferred to her.

For many mothers and fathers, a pregnancy can become an impossible mission. Fertility problems, women who wish to postpone their maternity or single women usually resort to different assisted reproductive treatments in order to achieve their goal of having a baby. At the IVI Clinics, we put at your service the best team of experts and the latest technologies, which allow us to have excellent success rates.

In over 30 years’ experience, more than 250.000 children have been born thanks to our treatments, achieving a success rate of over 90%. At IVI Las Palmas we are pioneers in Canarias, with treatments such as oocyte vitrification or the Genetic Compatibility Test.

But at IVI Las Palmas we also worry about the emotional factor, because the psychological health of future parents is essential to any assisted reproductive treatment. Experts from our clinic work hand to hand with patients to minimize the stress and anguish that arise from the difficulty in conceiving, thus guaranteeing the patients a best quality of life during the treatments.

The IVI Las Palmas clinic is directed by Doctor Javier Domingo, expert in Reproductive Medicine, who leads an impressive team composed of specialists in several different fields: an IFV Lab, a Male Health Department, an Emotional Support Unit or a Reproductive Medicine Unit. The clinic is formed by 6 units that give care and attention to each one of the fundamental aspects of pregnancy and labor, so that nothing is left to chance!