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For the past 10 years, the number of patients visiting our clinics has risen considerably. Due to such factors as delaying motherhood, more and more patients must undergo an assisted reproductive treatment.

That is why, by opening a new IVI clinic in Ibiza, the company aims to bring Reproductive Medicine of the leading Group closer to the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands.


C/ Ignasi Wallis, nº 32
07800 - Ibiza

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A team of pioneering research professionals.

The presence of IVI, the world leader in Human Reproduction, in the Balearic Islands, translates into better care quality based on continuous research.

Moreover, IVI Mallorca made the Islands become an international benchmark with approximately 20% of patients from abroad.

IVI Group applies the most advanced technologies to the fertility treatments. Its cutting-edge technology, ongoing research and clinical outcomes position the company as the leader of Reproductive Endocrinology.

The objective of the clinic in Ibiza is to help our patients make their dream of starting a family come true. IVI´s clinical outcomes show a cumulative pregnancy rate of 54% after the first attempt for treatments with the female´s own eggs and over 70% for egg donation treatments. Thanks to the continued research efforts by our embryologists and specialists, aiming to perfect the embryo selection methods, IVI guarantees a pregnancy over maximum three attempts with egg donation treatments, the success rate of which already amounts to 97,23 %.

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