16 July 2021

IVI Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation

IVI Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation
By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

If there is one thing that defines us, it is the constant search for the best technologies and treatments. These allow us to be able to offer you the best possibilities in assisted reproduction treatments. This, together with the needs we observe among our patients, has led us to open our first Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation in IVI Alicante. The continuous research work carried out by our professionals has allowed us to recently develop and implement pioneering treatments with which to address the most complex cases.


The harsh reality of our patients

In recent times we have experienced an increase in the age of maternity in our country. Proof of this is the fact that our patients are on average 38 years old. And 53% of the women who come to IVI are aged 40 or over. As you know, age is a factor that works against female fertility. On the one hand, with lower oocyte quality, increasing the possibility of generating embryos with aneuploidy. On the other hand, there is also a lower number of oocytes, with the disadvantage of having a lower capacity for ovarian response. All of this leads these women to turn to reproductive medicine in order to achieve their dream of becoming mothers.


Why create a Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation?

In the light of this harsh reality faced by most of our patients, our latest research has led us to be able to offer the most innovative Ovarian Rejuvenation techniques. As specialists in highly complex assisted reproduction, we are now taking another step forward with the creation of IVI’s first Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation, to give this type of patient one last hope of achieving their greatest desire.

But why Ovarian Rejuvenation? Ovarian insufficiency is a problem that affects different areas of reproduction and is therefore quite common. It mainly appears through low response or advanced maternal age. Now, at the Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation, we can offer our patients even more personalised care. We have the capacity to respond to even the most complex cases, with the aim of enabling them to conceive with their own eggs.


Treatments and techniques available at the IVI Centre of Excellence

Thanks to the constant research that characterises us, we have recently focused our efforts on developing various techniques. With them we have taken on the challenge of treating even the most complex cases. Now, we are going one step further by creating this centre specialising in Ovarian Rejuvenation, with 3 techniques available exclusively at the IVI Centre of Excellence in Alicante:

  • IVI Regenerate Ovary
  • ASCOT-1
  • OFFA (Ovarian Reactivation)


What is IVI Regenerate Ovary?

As we have already mentioned on other occasions, we have recently developed the innovative IVI Regenerate technique. It is designed to treat cases of premature ovarian failure and low ovarian reserve, as well as refractory endometrium.

As we recently talked to you about IVI Regenerate Endo, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about IVI Regenerate Ovary. This is a further step in this technique for ovarian rejuvenation which, as we have said, will only be performed at the Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation.

It is based on the same autologous process –biological material from the actual patient– and on the principles of regenerative medicine. Thus, we seek to restore the ‘biological environment’, imitating and accelerating the regeneration processes performed by the organism itself.

IVI Regenerate Ovary is an alternative treatment to restore ovarian function, with the injection of plasma rich in growth factors into each ovary.


All about ASCOT-1

The ASCOT-1 technique is an evolution of a technique designed and developed by IVI, consisting of stem cell therapy. Thanks to this method, significant advances have been made in regenerative medicine over the last 10 years.

The most important characteristic of stem cells is their ability to develop in other cell types. And in other tissues they can act as a kind of internal repairer, thanks to their constant division to replace cells that disappear. Based on this, IVI has developed this technique for the treatment of infertility. In cases of ovarian insufficiency, with the appropriate biological stimulus, stem cells can develop ovarian functions. This, together with the injection of plasma rich in growth factors, allows the restoration of the physiological processes that are part of follicular recruitment, recovering ovarian function.


What is OFFA – ovarian fragmentation for follicular activation?

A woman’s ovarian reserve has an impact on the primordial or dormant follicles. These are small follicles, which remain stored in the ovary when it develops. They are the foundation of the ovarian reserve, every month 1,000 of these follicles are activated and develop, completing all the phases of follicular development. But only one follicle makes it to the end and the rest disappear.

With the OFFA technique we reactivate the follicles to make them grow and develop. This is possible by obtaining a sample of ovarian cortex. Then we’d process it into different fragments that are reinserted back into the ovary.


Dr. Manuel Muñoz, Director of IVI Alicante, answers questions about ovarian rejuvenation

We have asked Dr. Manuel Muñoz, Director of IVI Alicante, to give us more information about these techniques, which are only available at the Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation.

“We have data indicating that patients undergoing ovarian rejuvenation experience an increase in AMH levels. These in turn are associated with the likelihood of obtaining more oocytes during the pick-up. Furthermore, we have observed that a single round of treatment is sufficient to see the benefits of the ovarian rejuvenation technique. And we estimate that we will need between 2 and 6 months to observe them”.

“The constant research at IVI has led us to create this Centre of Excellence for Ovarian Rejuvenation. It is the maximum representation of the innovation that characterises us, so that our patients can make their dream of becoming mothers come true”, concluded Dr. Manuel Muñoz.

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    If yes, please provide us the (date / time) for first online consultation and the required blood tests and fat collection (micro-liposuction) in order to proceed with your program.

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