19 July 2021

IVI Regenerate: Growth factor rich plasma for patients with poor reproductive prognoses

Growth factor rich plasma
By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

Treatment with growth factor rich plasma (GRP) is an adaptable procedure in the field of regenerative medicine. It is already used in various fields such as dentistry, traumatology, ophthalmology or cosmetic surgery, etc. Now IVI Regenerate is a new alternative used in reproductive medicine.

“Growth factor rich plasma (GRP) has a positive effect in the very short term, as it is very efficient, safe and minimally invasive for the patient. Based on our studies, we believe that very promising results can be achieved using GRP on the reproductive organs. This represents great progress in terms of the potential for success in assisted reproduction for patients with poor reproductive prognoses,” explains IVI Medical Director Dr Antonio Requena.


Regeneration with the biological material of the patient

With IVI Regenerate, we are committed to using GRP as an alternative for patients with poor reproductive prognoses. These may be women with refractory endometrium, premature ovarian insufficiency or low ovarian reserve. Fot them this pioneering technology can provide very encouraging results.

“The purpose of this technology is to restore ‘the biological environment’. It is based on the principles of regenerative medicine. It accelerates the body’s own regeneration process. Using this treatment, growth factors are obtained from the patient’s own blood plasma. It is then applied to her endometrium or her ovaries to regenerate them,” explains Dr Requena.

The patient’s own biological material is used in this procedure, which is why we call it an autologous process. This allows us to avoid potential compatibility problems. The technique used at IVI Regenerate is quick, painless, and ensures results.


IVI Regenerate Endo

In reproductive medicine, “refractory endometrium” is when the lining of the uterus is not thick enough for pregnancy. GRP may be used in this case to regenerate the endometrium with chances of success.

“Optimal endometrial conditions are necessary for the embryo to implant. Therefore, the state of the endometrium can affect the result of an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle,” adds Dr Requena.

With IVI Regenerate Endo, growth factors can be obtained from the patient’s own blood plasma to regenerate the endometrium. So, we would achieve the thickness necessary for the embryo to implant.


IVI Regenerate Ovary

GRP is also used in the ovary with excellent results. It is therefore an option that provides hope for patients with premature ovarian insufficiency or low ovarian reserve.

“Patients diagnosed with ovarian insufficiency cannot ovulate due to the low number of primordial follicles present. Therefore, its treatment is considered a challenge within fertility treatments. Something similar occurs with women who have a low ovarian reserve. In that case the scarcity of follicles that can respond to ovarian stimulation results in low oocyte performance and a high rate of failure after fertility treatments,” concludes Dr Requena.

With IVI Regenerate Ovary, we inject growth factor rich plasma in the ovary as a new and efficient option in fertility treatment. After IVI Regenerate Endo, we started IVI Regenerate Ovary in the second phase to repair the processes that affect follicular development, which in turn contributes to recovering ovarian function.


Center for Excellence in Ovarian Rejuvenation at IVI Alicante

Thanks to the continuous research that sets us apart, IVI works to develop various techniques for the most complex cases of infertility. We have taken the process even further and opened our Center for Excellence in Ovarian Rejuvenation within the IVI Alicante clinic, where these three techniques are exclusively offered: IVI Regenerate Ovary, ASCOT-1 and OFFA (ovarian fragmentation for follicular activation).

If you would like to receive information about any of these techniques or explain your case to our medical team, we will be happy to assist you in your native language. Just contact us by telephone at +34 960 451 185 from any country or fill in our electronic form and we will call you.

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