safety assisted reproduction
22 October 2020
IVIRMA presents 74 studies with important findings regarding safety and success of assisted reproduction

The use of nitrogen slush at -210ºC for embryo vitrification could improve embryo survival rate when compared to conventional liquid nitrogen at -196ºC Non-invasive pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy become a starting point for improving results in terms of their reliability as a useful diagnostic tool. VALENCIA, OCTOBER 22th, 2020 The American Society for Reproductive… View Article

aneuploid embryos
22 September 2020
A potent platform performs detailed analyses on post-implantation development of aneuploid embryos

Aneuploidy accounts for approximately 50% of early pregnancy loss The IVC method of human embryo culture is a reliable platform to study early development after implantation Human females have low fertility compared to many other species and their fertility decreases significantly as they age. It is believed that aneuploidy, the presence of an abnormal number… View Article

Vitrification of oocytes
8 July 2020
Early fertility preservation in patients with endometriosis helps increase their chances of pregnancy

Surgery in patients with endometriosis causes significant damage to the ovarian reserve of these women The reduced oocyte survival, decreased implantation and reproductive potential observed in young patients with endometriosis compared to those without the disease confirm the negative impact of endometriosis on the ovarian reserve and oocyte quality VALENCIA, 8 JULY 2020 Endometriosis is… View Article

IVF lab
7 July 2020
Artificial intelligence in embryo selection: a reality thanks to IVIRMA Global

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the KIDScoreD5 system automatically and accurately analyses and classifies embryos, increasing the probability of gestation The largest case study in embryology to date demonstrates benefits, potentially revolutionizing embryo selection through automation and using Artificial Intelligence VALENCIA, 7 JULY 2020 As spectacular and futuristic as it may seem, using Artificial Intelligence to… View Article

Woman and microscope
6 July 2020
IVIRMA Global achieves pregnancy in a woman with premature ovarian failure

The ASCOT technique -infusion of stem cells in the ovarian artery- which has already been successful in low-responder patients, now helps achieve encouraging results in women under 40 with the worst reproductive reserve at the ovarian level One of the latest advances shows the benefits of mobilizing stem cells from the bone marrow without the… View Article

27 February 2020
IVI reduces the percentage of low birth weight babies to 8%

The transfer of a single embryo (SET) is an important factor in the drastic reduction of multiple pregnancies and its resulting negative effect on mothers and children VALENCIA, 25 FEBRUARY 2020 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year more than 20 million babies are born weighing less than 2,500 grams, the vast majority… View Article

19 December 2019
A pioneering study on vitrification by IVI, among the 25 best in the history of ASRM

The research is pioneering worldwide in terms of the clinical application of the method Among the scientific community, Dr. Ana Cobo, author of the study, is considered the “mother of vitrification” for her relevant findings VALENCIA, 19th DECEMBER, 2019 Success in egg vitrification is a milestone that has marked the history of reproductive medicine. After… View Article

Egg bank at IVI IVF lab.
21 November 2019
More than 20% of women between the ages of 30 and 34 have a low ovarian reserve

Of the more than 3,000 women who participated in the IVI study, 10% finally opted for reproductive treatment Today, women take on their thirties with vitality, multiple challenges in the different areas of their lives and full physical and mental capacity. Unfortunately, their biology does not follow the same path as far as fertility is… View Article


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