2 September 2019


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We have been helping people to start families for 29 years now. It is the way we have been paving on a daily basis with our social and environmental commitment. In fact, at IVI, we work on making the journey towards motherhood a sustainable one. A journey that we embark on even before the patients cross the threshold of our clinics, through our internal processes and commitment to our employees, with the central focus of activity always on each and every patient.

And this journey continues, it stretches further. Once our patients walk out the clinic´s door, we keep creating a legacy by means of promoting social projects, which solve problems our society is beset with. The roots of this path is where our commitments stem from. Because at IVI, we worry about and commit to the present and the future.

Commitment to patients

They are the be-all and end-all. In that sense, our fundamental objective as a company is to bring reproductive medicine closer to other corners of the world so that all the people can fulfil their dream of having a child. Our patients´ satisfaction and happiness is, in fact, the daily motivation for our action. Any activity undertaken by the company is designed for our patients: your safety and well-being come first.  

Our goal is to be a benchmark of quality in the area of patient care, focused on identifying, analysing and eliminating any risks. Shared decision-making, as well as ensuring safe environment and processes for the patient, implementing controls, indicators and inspections necessary to inform about, prevent and mitigate the identified risks are part of the cornerstones of our service, aimed at excellence and highest quality.

This commitment stems from our values and stretches out to cover all the company areas. Our Patient Experience project, launched in 2018, is an example of the patient being at the centre of everything we do at IVIRMA.

What is more, it is of utmost important for us to listen to you, our patients, in order to improve our processes by specific procedures aimed at addressing your claims and complaints and to measure your satisfaction level. Our corporate channels provide daily interaction with all of you, and those interested in the work we do. They are an important channel for disseminating content related to our activity and at the same time, the main forum for expressing the users´ needs, requests and worries.

Commitment to employees

At IVIRMA, every employee is unique and their contribution to our mission is invaluable for succeeding in our labours. That is why, we manage our staff responsibly and promote social actions and projects focused on them. Some of the commitments to our professional workforce are:

  • Job stability: at our company, we seek to ensure a stable employment, strive for continuity and stability of our workers. In this sense, as of December 2018, 85% of our staff members have a permanent contract.
  • Work-family life balance and organisation: as a family-friendly company, at IVIRMA, we encourage work and family life balance among our personnel, promoting shared responsibility, equal opportunities and diversity.
  • Promoting diversity. Family Plan must be highlighted in this area: a programme for socio-occupational inclusion, launched together with Adecco Foundation, to promote integration of the employees´ disabled family members.

Commitment towards the society

We want a world that is more just, with the same opportunities and rights. IVI Foundation is an institution that meets this commitment and it is made up of 3 areas:

  1. Research (area Innovation): Scientific innovation, cutting-edge technology and excellence.

More than 500 potential researchers, 15 different lines of research and 400 on-going research projects, from all the areas that assisted reproductive technology comprises, and 1900 publications in scientific magazines as of the end of year 2018.

  1. Knowledge (area Global Education):

At IVIRMA we have an education centre which allows us to offer a great array of master´s programmes and specialised courses with the objective of training and updating professionals interested in this branch of knowledge.

This education system boasts excellence of the offered training programmes, as those are constantly updated and based on avant-garde technology.

  1. Social Action (area Sustainability and CSR): Our social commitment has its roots in our values. Social projects worth mentioning are:
  • Fertility preservation for cancer patients: in 2008 a free fertility preservation for cancer patients programme was launched in Spain, Portugal and Italy. Since then, 25 babies came into this world after their mothers and fathers had won the battle against cancer and 4 more are about to be born in 2019.
  • Teaming: donating 1€ from your monthly salary to social initiatives. The money raised is doubled by the company and all the employees choose the winning Teaming projects.
  • Community aid to ONGs: we collaborate with civil society organisations on an annual basis, with donations supporting the areas concerning health, women and children.
  • Corporate challenge “Stronger Together”: a challenge which motivates the company´s employees to run 10 000 km and every km becomes a dollar for IVIRMA for the benefit of a social project.

Commitment to the Environment

The Environment is one of our concerns because we want our and our patients´ children to be happy and live in the healthiest environment possible. Therefore, at IVIRMA, we commit to a better future and the natural environment is a fundamental area to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The environmental strategy of IVIRMA is based on making sure there is balance on our planet by carrying out specific actions aimed at reducing our environmental footprint.

Preservation and respect towards the environment are example of the basic pillars of our activity, which translate into adopting the best environmental practices in all IVIRMA actions and thus form part of our ethical code and our code of conduct.

With regard to environmental impacts of generating waste, IVIRMA has a waste management system applied in Spain and Portugal, the objective of which is to protect the health of the patients, workers and people who manage the waste and to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases and chemical pollution to the environment as far as possible.

Last but not least, IVIRMA performs actions aimed at reducing paper usage, such as the implementation of biometric signature and patient portal. Biometric signature allows the patient to sign the documents from a tablet, generating an electronic file with the signature. In order not to print documents and at the same time, to guarantee confidentiality of information shared with patients, we offer a patient portal at IVIRMA, where the most relevant information concerning medical record is uploaded.

The world we leave behind is our concern and therefore, day by day, we strengthen our commitment to Sustainability under the motto “Innovating with heart to create meaningful lives”.  We adopt this commitment in a transversal way to add value by engaging in making the journey towards maternity responsible and sustainable. Our latest campaign comes into being along these lines. Haven´t you seen it yet? Wait no more:


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