3 April 2020

COVID19 has led to my treatment being suspended, what can I do?

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog


  • Don’t worry, it’s normal to feel guilty 
  • Our Emotional Support team gives you some key points to get through this situation and resume the processes in the best state of mind 

COVID19 and assisted reproduction. At this time when the world health situation has disrupted everyone’s life, at IVI we are very aware of the special circumstances our patients are experiencing. The declaration of the State of Alert has meant that many of you have had to stop or postpone your maternity project. We are also very sorry that this had to happen. We are aware of your desire to become parents and the effort it has taken for you to get here.

We have consulted our IVI Psychology team to get advice on how to best cope with this situation and, in particular, how to get ready to resume assisted reproduction treatments as soon as possible. 

I feel guilty, is it normal?

You may feel anxious or scared or perhaps angry at this situation and you have thought at some point that “it’s not fair” or that it was really “bad luck”. It is normal to think and feel like this. But don’t let yourself get carried away by it. Remember that the best decision has been made for these special circumstances. You are merely putting off your wish to get pregnant, for the sake of your future child, to ensure the best possible conditions for your pregnancy and your future baby.

Our Emotional Support Unit is at your disposal to help you get through this time in the best possible way and they have prepared a series of tips to accept this interruption as best we can and get ready to resume treatment as soon as possible. 

What can I do until I can restart the treatment? 

We are experiencing an unexpected and difficult situation, but it is temporary. For now we have to paralyse our life and our projects, but all things will pass. Until that long-awaited moment arrives, here are some tips to help you get through it better

  • We are all going through difficult times. The world has ground to a halt. It is not only this project that has been interrupted. The same has happened to your job, your family, your outings…  Think of the pause in treatment as one of the many parentheses that you have had to go through in your life. It is just a matter of time before you can get back to it.
  • It is possible that you have thoughts like “if only I’d done it earlier…” or “what will happen in the future”, “how long will this last”, and “what if I don’t have money by then or a job… “. It is normal to think like that. However, it is not useful and it won’t help you in any way to linger on them. Live in the present, the HERE and NOW. No one knows “how long” or “what would have happened if…”. Accept that these thoughts and emotions are normal, and try to focus on living each day in the best way possible, find entertaining activities that help you, plan and organize your daily routine and stay active. The future will come and the past is already gone.
  • Make the most of this time to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, sleep, rest, practice meditation, enjoy the little things that we don’t allow ourselves to do at other times, with the fast pace of life. How many times have we thought… “If I had time I would…” Now you have it, enjoy it!
  • You’re probably thinking that you are delaying the whole process again, that time is against you again. It will only be a matter of months and there won’t be a big difference in your ovarian response from delaying treatment. Use the thought that this is a temporary situation
  • In the meantime, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Follow the health recommendations:
    • Wash your hands
    • Stay at home
    • Wear gloves and a mask when indicated.
    • And if you have been infected by the virus, follow your doctor’s recommendations to recover and overcome the disease.
    • It is important that you get through this period healthy and strong to resume your project to become a mum or a dad as soon as possible.
  • Also look after your diet: anxiety or “having nothing to do” leads us to eat more, as well as eating foods with too much sugar. Remember that for your future pregnancy it is important to eat well. Be imaginative. Now that you may have more time to cook, look for tasty, healthy recipes that will help you with this task.
  • Acknowledge all your feelings and embrace them. Sharing them with the people closest to you can help you! It is very likely that they are going through similar emotions.
  • Stay distracted as much as possible, community initiatives or caring for others will make you feel good.

We have to make the most of this stage to take care of ourselves because, as we say in our video, when it is all over, we will be born again. 

In the coming days we will suggest recommendations that will help you take care of yourself, take care of your loved ones and make this time an opportunity to learn and grow, and prepare for when that dream of becoming a mother comes true.

Always keep in mind that… “The best is yet to come

#AllThingsWillPass and #GetThroughItTogether 

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