7 January 2020

IVI, a creation story

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By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

We start a new year full of challenges and dreams, but first we would like to stop for a moment and think about everything we have experienced over the last 12 months to face the new year with the aim of continuing to grow, of bettering ourselves, of continuing to evolve, of continuing to be the best place to be born.

In addition, 2020 is not just another year for all of us who make up IVI, it is a special year that fills us with hope, this year we turn 30!

30 years, in which we have grown alongside all our patients, who have given us stories full of happiness, examples of life, overcoming difficulties and strength.  Over these years we have seen thousands of children born, we have cried with joy and celebrated every moment of happiness with you and we have done so with a single goal: to help you achieve your dreams of forming a family.    

When we look back we see a long, emotional journey, which fills us with pride, a journey that has been hard work but also very satisfying thanks to the effort and dedication of all our professionals and the trust our patients have in us.    

But to speak of IVI is also to speak of commitment to society, which has contributed to our being the world leader in reproductive medicine, but it is also to speak of a philosophy of teamwork, of understanding our lives with maximum involvement, which leads us to remain in constant growth and the pursuit of excellence.

To speak of IVI is to speak of values:

1 – Experience:

For 30 years, IVI has been a pioneer in assisted reproduction, as a result of this, today, more than 200,000 children have been born worldwide. Our medical team is always at the forefront of reproductive medicine. The publication of more than 1,900 scientific articles and many of the major awards in the largest congresses in the world endorse our scientific and professional career.


2 –  Leadership in research:

Research is the driving force that has made IVI a leader in assisted reproduction. For us it is one of the fundamental pillars, always focused on perfecting our treatments and techniques in order to maximize the chances of success in our patients’ treatments. 

Applying artificial intelligence to improve the selection of the best embryos is one of the new lines we are investigating to ensure the success of the treatment and achieve pregnancy as soon as possible.

Thanks to this, we are now able to achieve a greater number of embryos and of better quality, meaning we transfer a single embryo, avoiding the possible risks, both for the future mother and for the babies, of a multiple pregnancy and obtaining better results.


3 – Teaching and training:

From the start, teaching has been a fundamental aspect for us. To achieve excellence, aside from research, we have the obligation to train the professionals of the future, to share our knowledge and to be in a process of constant learning and training. Since our Education area was founded, more than 14,000 students have taken one of our 8 university masters and participated in more than 150 courses organized annually. 


4 – Innovation in assisted reproduction:

We have always been at the forefront of innovation. We were the first to introduce techniques such as fertility preservation. Thanks to this, women have the power and freedom to decide when is the best time to become mothers without their fertility being compromised.

We are aware that the only way to continue improving our clinical results is to commit to innovation. Today, IVI has more than 400 projects underway and has multiple research centres in places such as Valencia, New Jersey, Oxford or Madrid.


5 – Audited success rates:

Our success rates are audited annually by an independent third-party company and are only possible thanks to our commitment to research, continuous improvement and quality.

9 out of 10 patients who start an IVI treatment get pregnant.


6 – Laboratory safety:

Safety in laboratories is another of the maxims in all our clinics.  For this we design laboratories with specific spaces for each technique, vitrification and genetic testing are both carried out in separate spaces to guarantee the highest quality standards.

In addition, our clinics have incorporated the latest technology to ensure traceability of the samples, in order to guarantee their safety. All the samples taken are digitized and processed by computer.


7 – Donor Selection:

To ensure the best donor allocation, aside from safety and reliability, factors such as physical and biometric characteristics are also important, as well as the analysis of genetic parameters to detect inherited diseases..

IVI offers its patients Perfect Match 360°, an innovative system that guarantees the right donor is selected.


8 – Sustainability as the driving force of our activity:

We create life every day, but we want to do it with meaning. That is why we created the CSR and Sustainability Committee 15 years ago, and since its creation we have not stopped promoting innovative initiatives to generate value for society. We accompany our patients towards maternity or paternity, and we want that path to be as sustainable and respectful as possible with the Environment, with people and with society.

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