Urbanização Casal de Gambelas - Montenegro
8005-226 Faro
A Clínica situa-se nas instalações do Hospital particular do Algarve

Medical team

A team of professionals who are pioneers in research

José Remohí

President of IVI Group

Antonio Pellicer

President of IVI Group

Antonio Requena

General Medical Director of Grupo IVI

IVI Clinic Valencia

90% of women who undergo fertility treatment at IVImanage to get pregnant.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Easy procedure to get started as soon as possible.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Variety of personalised alternative methods to aid conception.

IVI Clinic Valencia

A close relationship and treatments adapted to theneeds of each patient.

IVI Clinic Valencia

Professional experts with high international prestige,pioneers in research.

The IVI Group, leader in assisted reproduction in Europe, is a benchmark to patients from all over the continent that come to our clinics to receive specialized care. The best specialists in the field of Assisted Reproduction work in our clinics and we have over 25 years’ experience behind us. This has allowed us to branch out abroad with the opening of our clinic in the Portuguese city of Faro.

The IVI Faro clinic arose with the goal of solving a growing problem. In the last few years, the number of couples with fertility problems has increased, as the number of single women or homosexual couples in need of a medical treatment to help them make the miracle of life come true.

Not in vain, more than 110.000 children have been born thanks to the treatments performed at the IVI clinics. At IVI Faro, new techniques are offered, such as the EmbryoScope® or oocyte vitrification, as well as traditional treatments like artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization or oocyte donation.

At IVI Faro, we focus on the people and that is why we prioritize the patient’s psychological well-being, offering a personalized solution for each case and providing a unique experience to every person, from the moment that they enter the clinic until the treatment has ended. The Psychological Support Unit is one of the key features of our fertility treatments.