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A team which is specialised in assisted reproduction techniques and treatments, aided by the very latest technology and fully committed to providing you with the most personalised care possible.

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A team of pioneering research professionals.

The lead clinic in assisted reproduction in Seville is doubtlessly the IVI Sevilla Clinic. On account of our experience, our results, the experts’ opinions… More than 25 years’ experience endorse our clinics, with over 90% success rates in our treatments and more than 110.000 pregnancies carried to term.

Our excellent patient care, expert professional team, individualized assistance, cutting edge technology and the complete transparency in treatment management and in the information given to patients on cost estimates and services avail us. For these and many other reasons, IVI Sevilla is a benchmark in handling fertility problems.

One of our fundamental values is the individualized attention that we dedicate to each patient. Each case is unique, as is each treatment. Since there are numerous and varied causes for fertility problems, we need to know in detail each patient’s history so that we can study the origin of the problem and offer the best possible solution. At IVI Sevilla we are experts in traditional treatments such as artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, but we have also collaborated to develop new techniques, such as the EmbryoScope®, that we apply in our patients’ treatments with huge success.

We also rely in our significant bank of egg and sperm donors, which form one of the largest donor networks in the country. We guarantee the highest quality in the care given to both donors and recipients.

At IVI Sevilla we work with the best specialists in several fields of Medicine, especially in the fields of Assisted Reproduction and Gynecology, but always working alongside psychologists and health care assistants that guarantee an excellent individual and personal attention to patients. Thanks to our cutting edge technology, our surgeries and operating theaters are though-out to guarantee privacy and the maximum comfort to all our patients.

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