Psychological support

Being emotionally strong is an important factor in the success of assisted reproduction treatments. IVI has a Psychological Support Department in its assisted reproduction clinics with professionals who are trained and specialised on this topic and who can advise and help patients at any time.

It has been proven that people who have good mental health will have less difficulties when it comes to having children. Therefore at IVI, through the Psychological Support Department, a series of techniques and strategies are on offer for minimising the impact of stress and encouraging better emotional control in order to enjoy a better quality of life during assisted reproduction treatments.

It is very common for those who are having difficulties conceiving to experience feelings of anxiety, loneliness and unhappiness, and for them not to want to see their friends or go to events where there will be other people who have just had children. A couple’s relationship can also suffer simply on account of going through an assisted reproduction treatment. These feelings can turn their lives into a whirlwind of doubts and difficulties. Some couples have had a long case history of various cycles and attempts. They grow weary and begin to despair, they feel defenceless against society and they think there is no solution.

Data obtained by the American Infertility Society shows that the emotional state of the person undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment is vitally important to both the course of the treatment and to the result:

  • Women with high anxiety levels ovulated 20% less, their oocytes were fertilised 30% less often and they were 20% more prone to miscarriage.
  •  It has been proven that the chances of success in treatments are higher in women who enjoy good mental health.