Where Life Begins

Where Life Begins

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Each year around 5,000 couples from 80 countries visit our clinics in search of a top-quality treatment in reproductive medicine.

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Egg donation

At IVI we have built up the best network of donors in the country, through a care programme that provides top quality for both the donor and the recipient, in which there are no waiting lists and in which donation is completely anonymous. Moreover, at IVI we have an accumulated pregnancy rate with egg donation on the third attempt of 96%.

  • We guarantee a single donor for each recipient and we do not share a donor’s eggs with more than one patient. This enables us to perform more accurate stimulations with the objective of achieving a larger number of better quality oocytes per donation. This means that in a large majority of donation cycles it is possible to vitrify embryos for subsequent attempts or for future pregnancies.
  • We have experience in managing the largest egg bank in the world (in terms of donations per year and oocytes vitrified per year) allowing us to optimise donor appointment and endometrial preparation.

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