26 March 2019

Mallorca hosts the first medical congress to include the sustainable development goals proposed by the UN

Mallorca hosts the first medical congress to include the sustainable development goals proposed by the UN

  • Circular economy, climate change, people and natural resources and local production are the four guiding areas of the plan

MALLORCA, 26th MARCH, 2019

IVI will hold its biennial congress on the 4th, 5th and 6th April, which this year will be in Mallorca, focusing on sharing the latest advances in the field of Reproductive Medicine, as well as achieving improvements that help optimize the future of the profession. In addition, on this occasion, the event is based on a fully sustainable strategy, defined by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations (UN) in September 2015.

“This congress is a cutting-edge medical and scientific forum in which we aim to attract the great minds that make evolution in the reproductive field possible. As a benchmark congress, and in line with our permanent goal of progress and innovation, we cannot ignore the concept of sustainability, which, on an increasing basis, stands out as a top-level necessity. For this reason, in this edition of our congress, we have made a firm commitment to the SDGs, in our awareness of the importance of adopting a committed business strategy linked to these global goals”, said Dr. Javier Marqueta, director of IVI Mallorca and President of the 8th International IVIRMA Congress.

IVI’s commitment to sustainability is expressed in three aspects: Economic, Social and Environmental. In its previous edition held in Bilbao, for the first time, the congress organized by IVI had a sustainability strategy that helped generate a legacy, and was recognized as such with the certificate of sustainable events granted by the Basque Government. Now, it is resuming the plan with renewed vigor, and this social and environmental commitment is a fundamental element in its definition and implementation.

The sustainability plan is structured around four areas related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a global initiative launched by this organization, whose purpose is to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Circular Economy: Zero waste philosophy

The goal is to minimize the consumption of materials and incorporate criteria for recovery, reuse and recycling. And among the measures adopted, we can highlight digitizing the documentation to avoid paper consumption through the creation of a Congress APP, minimizing the items in the Welcome Pack and the use of reused and recyclable materials for its manufacture, a manual of good practices for the stands, the simplification of the staging, and the effective separation of waste to facilitate its management and recycling.

Climate Change

The purpose is to be a Neutral Congress in greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing the use of energy, consuming energy from renewable sources and compensating for GHG emissions.

Some of the actions that will be developed are the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures in the congress facilities, promotion of sustainable and non-motorized mobility and compensation of emissions through local sponsorship projects of Neptune grass meadows.


The aim is to incorporate social criteria and promote accessibility in order to hold a congress with no physical barriers and the creation of a social legacy through donation to a local association.

These objectives are materialized in a collaboration agreement with the Adecco Foundation for the labor insertion in the congress of people at risk of exclusion, contribution of Social and Environmental Legacy through the donation of €3,000 to a social project chosen by the attendees and offering a stand to an NGO so it can raise awareness about its social cause throughout the congress.

Natural resources and local production

The goals established include the prioritization of local products and the struggle against food waste and associated waste. In addition, we aim to reduce by 60% the amount of plastics in the catering service.

Among the actions promoted are the use of water dispensers from the 3 Glops social project, which supports the social-labor insertion of people with mental health problems, catering with local products and the struggle against surplus food.

“Through this sustainability strategy, the 8th International IVIRMA Congress aims to leave a social and environmental legacy, as well as a scientific one, in Palma de Mallorca and set a precedent based on the slogan that guides all these actions integrated within the IVI CSR area: Innovate with the heart to create lives with meaning”, concluded Andreu Miquel, Global Director of HR and the CSR area of IVI.


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  • Lucía Renau
  • Email: prensa@ivi.es
  • Phone number: (0034) 96 317 36 10
  • Calle Colón, 1 - 46004 (Valencia)


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