28 October 2014

Time-lapse technology significantly improves chance of pregnancy

Time-lapse technology significantly improves chance of pregnancy

The largest study to date by one of the world’s largest multi-centre fertility clinics has further proved the use of time-lapse technology can substantially increase the success rate of Assisted Reproduction.
The results of a study led by Dr Meseguer at IVI Fertility Clinic, Valencia showed an increase in implantation rates (19%) and ongoing pregnancy (20%) in embryos developed within an incubator with time-lapse technology (study group) compared to those developed within a standard incubator (control group).
In this latest study, the largest study to date carried out by IVI Fertility Clinics, 930 patients undergoing IVF treatment were monitored. Previous studies have focused on a smaller sample of only 69 patients.
An algorithm developed specifically for IVI clinics allowed specialists to see the exact time embryos need to be implanted. This coupled with the time-lapse technology, which allows careful monitoring of the development of the embryo, ensured the selection of the best embryo for implantation and an increase in the possibility of pregnancy.
Dr. Meseguer, Scientific Supervisor at IVI Fertility Clinic, comments:
“The latest study confirms initial findings on the importance of continually monitoring the development of the embryo to ensure implantation at the correct time in the cycle,”
“Whilst other studies have been carried out, this is an evidence based study that controls all the potential bias that other studies have been unable to control.
“At IVI Fertility Clinics, it is important that we are at the forefront of the development of treatments to ensure the best outcome for our patients. We are delighted our ongoing research allows us to offer a high level of care for our patients and the best chance of a successful treatment.”
FDA approval has also been announced for the new Unisense FertiliTech EmbyoViewer(TM) software which will help to further improve these results.


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