Each year around 5,000 couples from 80 countries visit our clinics in search of a top-quality treatment in reproductive medicine.


At IVI we have one of the best success rates per patient.

Why choose IVI?

9 out of 10 couples that consult IVI due to problems with infertility and put their trust in us achieve their goal of becoming parents. Furthermore, from the outset IVI has pioneered many different techniques. Proof of this can be seen in the more than 160.000 babies born with the help of IVI.

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Why choose IVI?

Medical team

At our assisted reproduction clinics we have a multidisciplinary team composed of highly specialised professionals.

Why choose IVI?

IVI professionals have been awarded some of the most representative prizes in the sector. Prominent among these are the seven awards from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the 2002 award from the Society for Gynaecological Investigation and the Ares Serono Research Award.

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At IVI we are committed to the most innovative techniques and treatments.

Why choose IVI?

From treatments such as in vitro fertilisation and egg donation to more innovative techniques such as sperm microinjection and the Embryoscope, which IVI participated actively in developing.

Excellence in patient care

IVI offers personalised treatment to patients in their native language through a tutor.

Why choose IVI?

The tutor stays with the patient from the beginning of treatment through to its completion. Furthermore, it is our goal at IVI to ensure that our patients have the best possible emotional balance, facilitating the relationship between the couple and helping to prevent more serious problems. At IVI we offer a whole range of techniques and strategies which minimise the impact of stress and promote better emotional control with the objective of providing a better quality of life during assisted reproduction treatments.

Access to first visit

Egg donation

At IVI we have built up the best network of donors in the country, through a care programme that provides top quality for both the donor and the recipient, in which there are no waiting lists and in which donation is completely anonymous. Moreover, at IVI we have an accumulated pregnancy rate with egg donation on the third attempt of 96%.

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