21 November 2014

Egg donation: a treatment on the rise

As a woman gets older, her eggs start to lose quality and it becomes more difficult to fall pregnant. Despite being in the prime of life, nature may not reflect the same. Egg donation therefore plays a major role from the age of 40 onwards, and is an important alternative whenever there is a fertility problem.

The donation of eggs at fertility clinics allows thousands of dreams to come true: what for one woman may be a simple egg could be the finest gift ever for another.

IVF with egg donation increase 20%

Over the last five years, IVF with egg donation has increased 20% at IVI and now represent one third of treatments conducted at our clinics. As well as the fact that Spanish women are choosing to become mothers later in life, it is also true that growing numbers of European women over 40 choose our clinics for these kinds of treatments.

The process of egg donation, as well as future maternity, must be handled properly from an emotional standpoint. Agreeing to be a mother with the egg of another woman could be a complicated moment, but facing this treatment with normality from the outset helps towards greater acceptance by the mother-to-be and her surroundings. The key is the maternal feeling that arises from the very first moment when the embryo is implanted in the uterus, from which the miracle of life begins, the greatest hope of all women.

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