5 October 2021

IVI Care: a new way of understanding assisted reproduction

IVI Care
By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

At IVI we have been by the side of our patients for many years. Listening, asking questions, and attending to their needs. Thanks to this knowledge, we are now taking a step forward, thanks to which we can affirm that we are going to transform the way we understand an assisted reproduction treatment, while offering the maximum possible guarantees. With this objective, IVI launches IVI Care.

We want to take care of you in every way

We have been accompanying thousands of women for more than 30 years, as they wanted to make real their most important dream, motherhood. We’ve been by their side in a delicate, complicated path in which doubts take over almost everything.

“Our constant research allows us to offer the best and most avant-garde assisted reproduction techniques, achieving the highest success rates. In the same way, now we want to offer our patients a new way of living assisted reproduction, thanks to which they will feel cared for in a global way, in all aspects and stages of this process. All this, while we work together to achieve their desire to be a mother, in the shortest time and with the maximum guarantees”, explains Dr. Antonio Requena, IVI’s medical director.

Thus, our experience has allowed us to know what our patients need in every moment, what they feel when they start the process, but also what they will feel and need during the following months. The personalization of the treatments comes from the experience and close treatment of our professionals.


IVI Care: a revolution in fertility treatments

At IVI we want to anticipate your needs and take care of you, so that you are calm. We want this path that you are going to travel by our side to be as comfortable and easy as possible for you. For all this, we launched the most complete program on the market, a new way of living assisted reproduction.

This is IVI Care, the only fertility program that takes care of you in every way, including everything you will need in the process. You don’t have to worry about anything, giving you the convenience and peace of mind of having it all included. This program means feeling cared for throughout the process, living it relaxed and facing it with confidence.

With IVI Care we offer you the possibility of taking that test that makes your doubts disappear, together with the experience of IVI’s specialist doctors. Thanks to this program you will feel understood and protected throughout the process. We offer you all our warmth and empathy, but also the maximum guarantees during the treatment. This, and much more, is IVI Care: the fertility program that takes care of you in everything. Assisted reproduction as you have never been able to experience before, thanks to three fundamental pillars.





IVI Care includes everything for you


IVI CareAfter more than 30 years helping women to achieve their dreams, we’ve created a plan that takes care of you medically, emotionally and financially.

Tests for you and your partner included

IVI Care includes the tests you need to start as soon as possible your path to motherhood. Without travel or waiting, and always with individual monitoring, with the same medical team with which you will carry out your treatment.

It also includes your partner’s blood tests and the hormonal controls you need.

The emotionnal support you need




We know how important your peace of mind is, which is why we offer you unlimited sessions with our team of reproductive psychologists and exclusive access to emotional management workshops. Can you think of a better way of feeling understood, than sharing your feelings with someone who has been trough the same? With IVI Care you’ll always find the advice that you’re looking for, whenever you need it.

Guaranteed success or money back

Finally, we know how important the financial aspect is when we talk of a fertility treatment. IVI Care includes guaranteed success or money back. In our patient area you’ll get answers to all the questions you have. We also want to care for you financially.


IVI Care was born because we want to be closer to you than ever, at each stage of your assisted reproduction treatment. Because we know that this path to motherhood is complicated and any form of care is necessary. So, what’s better than taking care of yourself in all aspects? Contact us to get more information about IVI Care, the fertility program that takes care of you in everything. You can call us free on +34 960 451 185 or fill in your details in our formular and we’ll call you back.

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