Syringe and petri dish with letters DNA. h-index
28 February 2016
World Rare Disease Day

Tomorrow is World Rare Disease Day, and we want to dedicate this post to all those people who struggle every day to live as best they can with their afflictions. Often genes play tricks. Every year we see dozens of parents and families surprised when their babies are born with a genetic disease. Recently, significant… View Article

World Rare Disease Day
11 February 2016
Four gynaecologists from IVI are among the seven top researchers in reproductive biology

Prof. Antonio Pellicer, President of IVI, tops the ranking of the best researchers in the category of Obstetrics and Gynaecology according to the h-index, in a study describing the scientific output with the highest impact worldwide. He is followed by Prof. Carlos Simón, Scientific Director of IVI, Prof. José Remohí, President of IVI and Prof…. View Article

Etopic Pregnancy
18 January 2016
Ectopic pregnancy and fertility

You must have heard of an ectopic pregnancy. It is a relatively common type of pregnancy which affects 1 in 50 pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancy is when the fertilised egg is implanted outside the woman’s uterus, usually in the fallopian tubes (in 98% of cases), but it may also occur in the ovary, abdomen or cervix…. View Article

To get pregnant
4 January 2016
New year’s resolution: To get pregnant

If you have decided that 2016 is the year for you to be a mum, you should start preparing yourself in the best way possible. Here are 10 tips you should consider before getting pregnant: Give up unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.   Know your ideal weight. Overweight women can see an endocrinologist… View Article

[:en]Dr. Salazar answers to your questions
15 December 2015
Dr. Salazar answers to your questions

Dr. Anabel Salazar (@salazaranabel), Málaga’s IVI director, has answered the questions that patients made at a recent meeting via Twitter. In this post we have compiled all the questions and answers so it will be easier for you to have all the information together and less doubts about it. QUESTION: When is the optimum time… View Article

1 December 2015
Sperm washing: protecting your baby from HIV

Just over a decade ago, a very special baby was born using IVF at one of our IVI clinics. The baby’s father was HIV-positive, the mother was not; the baby was born free of the virus. This was a first for IVI and was made possible by a particular process of assisted reproduction that would… View Article

[:en]Egg Donation: Clara and Shelley, two stories, one dream
16 November 2015
Egg Donation: Clara and Shelley, two stories, one dream

Let’s talk about Clara and Shelley. Their names are made up, but their stories are real and they reflect the experiences, from two very different perspectives, of hundreds of women who choose egg donation. Clara’s motivation was simple: she wanted to help another woman, so she decided to donate her eggs. We sometimes tend to… View Article

Exercise during pregnancy
2 November 2015
Exercise during pregnancy


25 September 2015
IVI Foundation demonstrates, for the first time, communication between the future mother and the embryo prior to implantation

A study by the IVI Foundation entitled Hsa-miR-30-d, secreted by the human endometrium, is taken up by the pre-implantation embryo and might modify its transcriptome, published in Development scientific journal by IVI researchers Felipe Vilella and Carlos Simón – Scientific Director of FIVI – has shown, for the first time, an early extension of the… View Article

18 August 2015
Which hormones regulate the ovarian reserve?

If after a year of regular, unprotected sex a couple has not conceived, it may be time to check that there are no fertility problems. Older women should consult a specialist sooner, after six months of trying for a baby. Fertility testing and diagnosis usually starts by getting the couple’s medical history and a full… View Article

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