IVI - IVF in Spain
22 August 2017
Infertility and pain: is IVF painful?

People experience sensations very differently, and what may be unbearable to one person may not be cause for concern in another. This is a good reason not to be unduly alarmed about the amount of pain you can expect to go through when undergoing IVF in Spain or in one of IVI’s other clinics. Each… View Article

Egg donation- IVI fertility
8 May 2017
What is egg donation and how does it work?

An introduction to egg donation Egg donation forms part of a method of assisted reproduction. It has become increasingly common in recent years due to the social tendency for women to postpone having children until later on in life, when their fertility is often reduced. This method of assisted reproduction is also useful in many… View Article

21 March 2017
IVI supports schooling for syrian refugees children in Turkey

According to UNESCO, education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights and freedoms. Such right is founded on four core principles such as: non-discrimination, equality of opportunity and treatment, universal access to education and the principle of solidarity. However, millions of children and adults remain deprived of… View Article

28 February 2017
Rare Disease Day: the importance of early prevention and diagnosis

Rare Disease Day is dedicated to all those with rare disorders, to their relatives, doctors and social assistants specialised in the sector. More than six thousand rare diseases are known to exist in Spain. IVI offers PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) and CGT (Compatibility Genetic Test) as two methods for the diagnosis of genetic anomalies in… View Article

Un 30% de las mujeres nacidas en 1975 no tendrá hijos
21 February 2017
30% of women born in 1975 will end up childless

It is a matter of statistics, but they speak about trends in present day society. According to the latest study by the Centre for Demographic Studies of the UAB, with less than 10 years to be in their 50’s (age at which the demographic balance is closed) women born in 1975 will be the most infertile generation… View Article

IVI arrives to U.S., hand-in-hand with RMANJ and consolidates as biggest group in the world
16 February 2017
IVI arrives to U.S., hand-in-hand with RMANJ and consolidates as biggest group in the world

IVI has announced today their entry in the U.S. by reaching an agreement with RMANJ to merge both companies. The Presidents of IVI, Prof. José Remohí and Prof. Antonio Pellicer, accompanied by the Presidents of RMANJ, Paul A. Bergh, Richard T. Scott and Michael R. Drews have made public in a press conference this merger… View Article

10 February 2017
Pellicer: “One of the great steps forward we have taken and that we are most proud of is our contribution free of charge to preserve the fertility in women with cancer”

IVI’s chairman, Professor Antonio Pellicer, offered this Wednesday a presentation on “IVI: how to deal with infertility” within the framework of Chair of Business Culture of the University of Valencia. Before an audience that exceeded any expectations, Professor Pellicer reviewed the history of IVI from the moment in which he first had the idea of… View Article

Egg donor Spain
1 February 2017
Woman, 18-25 years old, altruist, empathetic and caring… this is the egg donor profile

Donating eggs has become a most common practice for many Spanish women. They are women between 18- and 25 years old, altruist, empathetic and caring… this is the egg donor profile. To become a mother thanks to an egg donation raises a lot of concerns such as how are the woman who donate their eggs…. View Article

Una sana alimentazione: cosa fare con i chili di troppo?
20 January 2017
Healthy eating: What do I do with overweight?

We have just started a brand new year and little by little routine has been established again after a few days in which, we all, to a greater or lesser degree, have altered our daily rhythm overindulging in food. Back to school for the children, back to the office… and back to face with the… View Article

Antonio Pellicer, best researcher
12 January 2017
IVI established as the leading researcher in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology in Spain

According to the latest h-index update in July, Professor Antonio Pellicer, the President of IVI, leads the ranking for the best researcher in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductive Biology in Spain. In a study of scientific output with the greatest global impact, he received an h-index of 66; while Professor Simón came 2nd with an h-index… View Article

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