23 April 2018

IVI Madrid awarded stamp of excellence

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

 For the first time, IVI’s Madrid clinic has been awarded the ‘Madrid Excelente’ stamp of approval. Given out by a community interest group aiming to highlight the city’s best and brightest private companies, ‘Madrid Excelente’ is an indicator of the highest quality customer care and attention to detail. In terms of what this means for IVI, it is one more piece of proof that the company is putting every care and effort into researching and providing the best possible assisted reproduction treatments to our patients. The stamp covers clinics at Alcorcón, Salamanca and Valladolid as well as the capital’s own clinic, giving potential patients the opportunity to visit another town when considering where to go ahead with treatments. IVI offers a range of treatment options at each location, and Madrid is also the place to go for non-Spanish speaking patients who want to take advantage of IVI’s internationally renowned success rates.


What does ‘Madrid Excelente’ mean?

Madrid Excelente’ is awarded to the Community of Madrid’s top independent businesses. There are a number of goals that the Community addresses with this award, including long-term management of quality, profitability, competitiveness and citizen services. In the shorter term, the award also affords private businesses the opportunity to network with other companies, to promote their activities, and to provide training. IVI’s focus on research and development means that not only will the community of this city benefit, but also clinics run by other providers in other cities or even countries will potentially do so. This official recognition is an important one, that supports IVI’s stellar reputation at home and abroad, and also encourages healthy competitiveness that may prove to be useful for the patients of Madrid’s other fertility clinics.


IVI Madrid top for research

The award is given to private companies for, among other criteria, innovation; IVI Madrid certainly has that in spades. Though IVI is a world leader in assisted reproduction treatments, including IVF, we have made a commitment to provide our findings to the industry at large. We know the value of our research and innovation, and our goal is to help as many people as possible see their dream of having a family come true. IVI’s scientists and researchers have been published in more than 450 medical journals worldwide, with IVI being absolutely instrumental in the discovery and implementation of the EmbryoScope and vitrification, among other breakthroughs in the field of assisted reproduction. A designated portion of our yearly revenue is put aside for re-investment into research and development, which we then make sure to share with other providers of fertility treatments worldwide.


Ground-breaking treatments and technologies

Working with Vitriolife, IVI developed the EmbryoScope, a time-lapse system for monitoring the development of embryos. Pre-natal tests developed by IVI that are now part of standard fertility care. Both these tests investigate factors in the patient or patients before attempting a cycle of IVF to determine the likelihood of healthy conception and successful pregnancies. Additionally, we have developed many ways to scan for genetic anomalies both before and after implantation. These scans provide knowledge of the genetic traits of potential children without risking the pregnancy. The NACE test, as well as preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis, provide this knowledge to our patients. An informed patient is able to make decisions with all pertinent facts at hand, and will be more confident in their choices.


Top quality care

Drs. Antonio Requena and Juan Antonio García Velasco, directors of IVI Madrid, were delighted to receive the award. They noted that the clinic’s commitment to high-quality care for all patients was one of the reasons for the Community of Madrid’s recognition, and vowed to continue to provide and improve upon that care. IVI Madrid has high expectations of its employees, and expects them to strive to add quality to the options on offer. The clinic’s rates of pregnancy are some of the highest in the industry, and the directors aim to continue that trend. Irene Navarro, general director of Madrid Excelente, said: “IVI Madrid is a pioneering clinic in biosanitary research in the field of reproductive medicine, and this, undoubtedly, translates into better techniques and treatments that raise their success rate.”


Rates of success

IVI has outstanding rates of success across all of its clinics; 9 out of 10 couples who work with us reach their goal of becoming pregnant. Of course, the effectiveness of each treatment varies according to the patient’s specific set of circumstances, including factors of age, genetic predispositions, and overall health. However, IVI are proud to have an accumulated pregnancy rate of 97% over three attempts. The clinic in Madrid is no different, with more than 20,000 babies born since its foundation in 1996. This is a testament to the clinic’s attention to our patients and expertise when it comes to choosing the appropriate assisted reproduction treatment for each patient. IVI Madrid is careful to tailor the experience to each individual, providing high-quality care at a sensitive time in their patients’ lives.


Speaking your language

IVI Madrid has a reputation worldwide for being an industry leader. Part of the benefit to international patients is our focus on providing access no matter which major European language is needed. Patients who prefer to speak French, German, Italian or English will be seen by a medical professional fluent in their chosen language. This is also possible at our clinics in Valencia, Barcelona, Málaga, Benalmádena, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Sevilla and Alicante, providing a wide range of choice for patients with these specific language requirements. Additionally, IVI Madrid is able to provide a tutor to guide the patient through the process, staying with them from the very beginning until completion of their time with IVI. This often helps our patients to feel reassured and secure throughout the entire process.


Treatments offered

Not all assisted reproduction treatments are offered in all of our clinics, but with 31 clinics to choose from in Spain, there is a wealth of opportunity for patients travelling to the country. Nine of our clinics have the resources to address patients in English, German, French and Italian as well as Spanish, and each of them are located in an easily accessible city that provides outstanding choice of accommodation and hospitality options. Our Madrid clinic offers IVF and artificial insemination, as well as preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis (PGS and PGD). Each of our clinics also offers unbeatable access to altruistic donors, a benefit that is unique to Spain, thanks to strict laws surrounding anonymity and compensation.


Third-party auditors

Of course, the rates of success and keen attention to patient care are documented not only by IVI but also by trusted third-party auditors. This approach, along with our independently verified results, gives patients travelling to one of our clinics for treatment the ability to have faith that we will provide the best possible care at what could be a difficult time. IVI’s success rates, coupled with our sensitivity and professionalism, means we really do deserve the label of ‘Excelente’ in each one of our many clinics worldwide.


Lasting accreditation

The ‘Madrid Excelente’ accreditation is valid for three years, meaning that the clinic will boast the stamp of quality until 2021, when the Community of Madrid will have the option of renewing it. While the stamp gives potential patients an indication of the quality and care that they can expect at IVI Madrid, the clinic’s results speak for themselves. With more than 88,000 treatments dispensed so far in the clinic’s history, it is clear that patients choose IVI Madrid for a reason. Patients travelling from other regions of Spain, from other countries in Europe, or indeed from other countries worldwide, can rest assured of the excellence of our Madrid clinic. The babies born to delighted parents over the last quarter of a century are testament to our dedication and attention to each patient’s individual needs.

IVI Madrid are delighted to accept the Community of Madrid’s stamp of approval in the form of the ‘Madrid Excelente’ award, and vow to continue to provide the high-quality care, innovative techniques and treatments and dedicated research that the company, as well as the clinic, has become known for. Discover the benefits of the capital’s clinic for yourself when you book a consultation with IVI Madrid.

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