17 May 2018

What is the IVI Baby programme?

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Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with the help of an assisted fertility programme, well-meaning family and friends (well, everyone in fact) may well tell you that there are no guarantees. This could quite possibly add to the tension and stress of the uncertainty that you are already feeling. If you have experienced the hopes, fears and unknown factors of a longed-for pregnancy that has not yet become reality, you will appreciate that any element of certainty is a bonus, offering a lifeline of sure direction through what sometimes feels like a mysterious and rather scary journey. Now IVI, the world leader in assisted fertility treatment, has come up with something to help allay your fears. We offer not only certainty, but an explicit guarantee. This is IVI Baby: a guarantee for you to hold on to in the midst of uncertainty.

IVI Baby: a new concept to offer peace of mind

You may well wonder how a guarantee could be possible. Put simply, it is a clear and uncompromising measure of IVI’s confidence in its record and the success of its techniques. Since its foundation in 1990, IVI has extended its presence and availability to all corners of the earth and it has become established as the world’s largest medical group specialising in human reproduction. It has pioneered new techniques in assisted fertility such as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, the preservation of fertility and performing IVF treatments involving genetic analysis (IVF PLUS) in order to ensure that only the best embryos are implanted. With more than 70 clinics in 13 countries and more than 160,000 babies born with the help of IVI, we have taken major strides in perfecting our techniques and treatments following a merger with the American group RMANJ in 2017. This remarkable track record has now put IVI in a position where it is able to offer a guarantee of success: this is the IVI Baby programme.

How does IVI Baby work?

IVI Baby guarantees not only that you will be in the best possible hands and benefit from the success rates of IVI, but that you can see your dream of having a baby come true, with a money-back guarantee. With this plan, you will have your baby or get your money back. This is the clearest demonstration that we at IVI are committed to bringing about the birth of your baby, not just pregnancy. Since we acknowledge that trying to have a baby can be a tough, lengthy and sometimes stressful experience, we want to offer our patients a guarantee which will provide extra assurance, confidence and peace of mind. With the IVI Baby guarantee, if you do not manage to have a baby through the IVI Baby programme, we will refund the money that you have paid (with the exception of additional costs arising from the treatment itself, such as surgery or similar). You can check the full most up-to-date conditions and details of the guarantee on our website.

More details about the IVI Baby programme

The programme operates over a timescale of 2 years. This means that with the IVI Baby programme you will have your baby home with you in a maximum timeframe of 24 months. In exceptional circumstances, if the 24-month time period is exceeded due to causes unconnected to you the patient, this time period may be modified solely at the discretion of the clinic management. This programme is available exclusively at IVI clinics in Spain.

IVI clinics in Spain

Since the IVI Baby programme is available only at our IVI fertility clinics in Spain, you are bound to be curious about what the experience is going to be like. In a nutshell, IVI has a total of 31 fertility clinics in Spain. These are spread throughout the country. Of all the destinations for IVF in Europe, Spain is one of the easiest countries for arranging travel and accommodation and so makes it easy to travel for IVI assisted fertility treatment. This removes one of the potential stresses of travelling abroad for treatment.

Another reassurance is that you don’t need to worry about a language barrier: many of our clinics are geared up with multilingual clinical staff especially for people from other countries. At our fertility clinics in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Málaga, Benalmádena, Bilbao, Las Palmas, Seville, Mallorca, San Sebastian and Alicante, we have medical specialists trained to care for patients in English, and so another potential obstacle is completely removed. When you arrive at one of our multilingual clinics, you are assigned a mentor who will stay with you from the beginning of treatment through to its completion. So effectively you will have a familiar hand to hold throughout the whole process.

What treatment will you receive on the IVI Baby Programme?

After you have had your first consultation at one of our clinics in Spain and you have been accepted onto the IVI Baby programme, our medical team will discuss with you the options available. As with all fertility treatments, the recommended course of action depends on your individual history and circumstances. However, in general you could expect that one of our many options will be the most appropriate for you. We offer the following:

IVF – In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF is the classic tried and tested method of assisted fertility and reproduction. It involves uniting the ovum with the spermatozoon in the laboratory – in vitro – in order to obtain fertilised embryos for transfer to the patient’s uterus. The fertilisation of the ova can be carried out by means of the conventional IVF technique in which the egg is surrounded by spermatozoa, or by Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), which is recommended under certain conditions.


IVF PLUS means conventional IVF plus PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening). Both of these techniques have been used for years, but in some cases we recommend IVF PLUS in an effort to secure the best results resulting in healthy live births. Thanks to chromosomal screening, this treatment increases the success rate per embryo transfer and it consequently increases the chances of having a chromosomally normal baby. You can read more in our article about the advantages of PGS.

Egg Donation

In some cases egg donation can be the treatment with the best chance of successful pregnancy and the birth of a baby. Egg donation is the process whereby a woman uses oocytes from a donor to fulfil her desire of becoming a mother. The donor oocytes are combined with spermatozoa from the recipient couple, or in some cases a donor, to produce embryos; these are transferred to the patient in order to achieve the longed-for pregnancy. As such, oocyte donation makes the miracle of life possible for women who would not be able to have children any other way. Using this technique at IVI assisted reproduction clinics gives an accumulated pregnancy rate of close to 97% over three attempts. Our video explains more about our egg donation programme.

Why does IVI offer the IVI Baby guarantee?

A look at our audited clinical results from 2016 will explain why we have the confidence, based on our experience, to offer this guarantee.

  • 97% cumulative clinical pregnancy rate after three attempts using the patient’s own eggs
  • A cumulative clinical pregnancy rate after three attempts of 97.23% using donated eggs
  • IVF live births per cycle for women under 35 years using own eggs, fresh or frozen: 65.5%
  • IVF live births per cycle for women 40 – 42 years using own fresh or frozen eggs: 24%

Overall, IVI has an audited clinical results performance of 90% success. This is why we want to pass on to you the benefits of confidence, assurance and peace of mind with the IVI Baby programme.

Contact IVI

We know that each patient is an individual with circumstances and concerns that are unique. Our aim is to help, and we accompany our patients from the first day. When you request information, a specialist will get in touch with you. You can contact us using the contact form on our website to find out more about any particular treatment for assisted fertility, and in particular to learn more about the IVI Baby programme. At a time of doubt and uncertainty, the more information you have, the better equipped you will be to take decisions that will affect your future family. We aim to make the guarantee that comes with IVI Baby a soothing certainty that will help you to erase fears and doubts, create confidence, and start to enjoy the certainty of fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent.


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  • Ramona says:


    What are your prices of IVF with donor eggs? Do you have a package that gives money back and offers 6 cycles of IVF to assure pregnancy? How much is cost of genetic testing of embryo? Is there a way for me to freeze my partners sperm here and ship it to you? He is unable to travel from the USA to you. How long do I wait for a donor? What information will you have for me about the donor? Do they pass psychological tests?


  • IVI says:

    Dear Ramona, thank you so much for your interest. First of all, we’d like to inform you that we do have clinics in the US, so you will be able to come for a first consultation without having to travel to Europe. However, if you prefer to come to one of our clinics in Spain, we recommend you fill the following form so we’ll be able to contact you and give your more information about our reimbursement program IVI Baby, our criteria for the donor’s selection, etc.

  • Dr. Iman Hassan Flayyih says:

    what is the letters of IVI related to ?

  • Dr. Iman Hassan Flayyih says:

    what is the letters of IVI related to ?

  • IVI says:

    Dear Sir, IVI stands for Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (Valencian Institute of Infertility).

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