15 April 2015
Pregnancy Myths


6 April 2015
The Two Week Wait

We are used to hearing words and phrases like beta hCG and two week wait, but do we really know what they mean? Commonly associated with the two week wait, the beta hCG is the period of time it takes from when a patient undergoes fertility treatment (either artificial insemination, embryo transfer or in vitro… View Article

assisted reproduction patients
4 December 2014
Assisted reproduction patients are getting older all the time

Women are continuing to postpone motherhood to later and later in life. This is the among the findings of a retrospective study by IVI analysing the evolution of patients during the last ten years and patients’ tendency to put off having children to a later age, which had risen to 40 by 2013. The study,… View Article

1 December 2014
Sterility or infertility? Your questions answered

The terms sterility and infertility tend to be used interchangeably. However, although they are closely related, there are some differences in their meaning. Dr Ernesto Bosch, Medical Director at IVI Valencia, cleared up the difference for us. When talking about couples: Sterility is when a couple, the woman being younger than 35, has been trying… View Article

25 November 2014
IVI’s exclusive algorithm enhances the rates of pregnancy and implantation in EmbryoScope

 “Embryoscope is a time-lapse embryo incubator that provides a record in pictures and videos of your future baby from its biological beginnings.” Until fairly recently, one could only imagine how an embryo evolved during its first days. The rate of cell division was guesswork and traditional incubators were unable to display other variables apart from the… View Article

[:en]He manchado ¿Qué hago?
21 November 2014
Egg donation: a treatment on the rise

As a woman gets older, her eggs start to lose quality and it becomes more difficult to fall pregnant. Despite being in the prime of life, nature may not reflect the same. Egg donation therefore plays a major role from the age of 40 onwards, and is an important alternative whenever there is a fertility… View Article

[:en]"If I had known about the vitrification of oocytes treatment, I would have had my eggs frozen years ago without hesitation"
20 November 2014
“If I had known about the vitrification of oocytes treatment, I would have had my eggs frozen years ago without hesitation”

Noelia Rodríguez, 40. Lawyer “10 years ago I decided to embark on my professional career and set up my own legal practice. It’s clear to me that I wasn’t going to have a child before 35, an age at which experts state that a woman’s fertility begins to decline. For me, at that time my… View Article

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