10 November 2021

9th IVIRMA Congress: more than 1,000 experts will discuss the present and future of reproductive medicine

IVIRMA Congress
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The 9th edition of the International Congress organized by IVIRMA Global, which is held every two years, will take place from Monday 15th to Friday 19th November. Considered a benchmark in the Assisted Reproduction sector, this edition will bring together more than 1,000 leading experts in the reproductive field. For the first time, the meeting will be held online, due to the health situation. This is a more attractive and simpler format, ensuring the safety of the attendees.


Hot topics on the 9th IVIRMA Congress

Research into Reproductive medicine is one of IVI’s mainstays, consequently the Congress will open with a talk for future professionals on how to get started in this field of research, given by Dr. Juan Antonio García Velasco, Scientific Director of IVI and of this Congress, and Dr. Nicolás Garrido, Director of the IVI Foundation.

This new edition of the Congress will present the latest advances in Assisted Reproduction, as well as the most innovative techniques and the findings of the most recent research. Among the main topics to be addressed during these days are the latest milestones in this ever-growing sector. Among them, the role of mitochondria in ovarian ageing, non-invasive PGT-A to optimise embryo selection and ovarian reactivation, topics addressed by researchers of the stature and relevance of Dr. Emre Seli (USA), Dr. Dagan Wells (UK) or Prof. Antonio Pellicer (Spain).


The IVIRMA Congress, online for the first time

This 9th edition of the Congress organized by IVIRMA Global will be held online for the first time, with the main objective of ensuring the safety of the attendees. This edition of the Congress will take place from Monday 15 to Friday 19 November, making remote access easier and more convenient. In addition to the traditional lectures, in which the best researchers in Assisted Reproduction will present the latest findings in the field, this edition will also have new features in its approach. Thus, it will include different expert debates, on the most relevant topics for the future of reproductive medicine.

On the other hand, another new feature of the Congress are the workshops that will be held and that will be aimed at important figures in Reproductive Medicine, such as embryologists, family doctors or psychology professionals specialising in infertility and Assisted Reproduction.


About the IVIRMA Congress

The International IVIRMA Congress on Assisted Reproduction present the advances achieved in the field of Reproductive Medicine, the most innovative techniques and the results of the latest research. In addition, it is a meeting point for sharing best practices to improve the daily results in this activity. 

It is held every two years, in different cities. Check here all bout the latest edition, in Palma de Mallorca.

We’ll keep you updated about our Congress, only a few days to start!

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