6 May 2020

Reasons why you should choose IVI for your fertility treatment

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

Having made the momentous decision to consult a fertility treatment centre, the first reassurance you need is that the clinic is accredited by the relevant regulating bodies. You will of course also be asking questions like, what is the fertility treatment success rate of my chosen clinic? But this is not the full story. Does the clinic rest on its laurels or is it involved in cutting-edge research and development to take the field of assisted reproduction forward to new treatments and further successes? And don’t overlook your own feelings. This is a deeply personal issue and it is essential that you feel cared for, welcomed and valued.

In this IVI blog article, we aim to put your mind at ease on all these issues and to offer you some ideas for further thought and investigation as you make one of the most important choices of your life.

Licencing and accreditation

IVI is part of IVIRMA which is the leading reproductive medicine group in the world. We have over 65 clinical centres and 28 laboratories in 9 countries worldwide. Not only that, but we have the best outcomes in the industry, the most progressive R&D programmes and the sharpest talent.

With such a wide-ranging network, you can be sure that we pay meticulous attention to the correct accreditation, auditing and reporting procedures according to each of the jurisdictions in which our services are available. In the USA, we report to the Centers for Disease Control through the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART), which also carries out inspections. In Europe, there is an overarching EU directive known as the EUTCD and implementation is overseen in most countries by a national body, for example in Spain by the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF). In the UK, the government regulating body is the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

IVI success rates

Our overall success rate, of which we are justly proud, is that 9 out of 10 couples who consult us at IVI due to fertility problems and follow our advice do achieve their dream of parenthood. Within that summary figure, there are of course many other statistics on varying success rates for different fertility treatments, and also for those treatments when applied to different age groups. For example, the aggregated rate of clinical pregnancy for IVF using the patient’s own eggs ranges from 54% at the first attempt to 87% at the third attempt. Comparative figures for the use of donor eggs is from 71% at the first attempt to 98% at the third attempt.

In our egg donation programme in Spain, results are even better, ranging from 79.6% at the first attempt to 99.7% at the third attempt. IVI’s results are particularly impressive here because we have one of the largest donor banks in the world. Advanced methods of selecting the best embryos, including genetic screening for over 600 diseases, mean we can operate a strict SET (single embryo transfer) protocol. This lowers the risk of multiple births and increases the likelihood of successful IVF treatment.

You can check out the statistics for yourself by downloading our independently audited success rates.

Research and development plus the latest technologies

When you choose IVI as your fertility clinic, you are going to benefit from the most advanced technologies and innovative techniques available in the field of assisted reproduction. Some examples are that IVF treatment has been improved by sperm microinjection (ICSI)and the use of vitrification as freezing method, and we were active participants in the development of the Embryoscope, which allows us to keep a record of images and videos of the development of the future baby from its biological beginnings. We can view embryo cell division in real time so that we are able to select the best embryos according to their morphokinetics and to pinpoint the ideal moment to make the transfer. Other innovative technologies used by IVI include:

Perfect Match 360°

IVI can guarantee choosing the most suitable donor with the innovative system Perfect Match 360°. This technique, assisted by AI and using computer-aided recognition techniques, takes into consideration physical characteristics like ethnicity, hair and eye colour, blood type, height and physique. It also makes use of the kind of biometrics used in facial recognition technology and a comprehensive analysis of genetic makeup that can detect many different genetic diseases.


Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting is a technique used for maximising sperm potential. With MACS, we can take a semen sample and select only the sperm that show no signs of cell damage. In this way, sperm which have damaged DNA are eliminated and the selected sperm bring the best potential for a successful fertilisation.

Personal care focused on you, the patient

We understand completely how important it is for each individual patient and couple who consult IVI to feel properly cared for. That’s why counselling is part of every programme we offer and why one of our basic principles is that you are our top priority. We offer a whole range of strategies designed to reduce to the stress that inevitably accompanies assisted reproductive treatments.

When you make your choice of fertility clinic, you should know that with IVI, if you opt for treatment away from your home country, we are fully geared up to take care of the details around travel, transfer and accommodation. Our dedicated international department arranges an airport pick-up service, an emergency 24-hour emergency telephone service as well as Skype consultations and a dedicated mentor, fluent in your native language, who will be your companion every step of the way and at every appointment. At many of our fertility clinics in Spain, we have medical specialists trained to care for patients in English, French, Italian and German, so you have no worries at all about any language barrier.

Which IVI clinic will you choose?

You may go for the one closest to where you live, or you may choose a clinic for a particular specialism, for example our egg donor programme in Spain which is truly a world leader. Whichever you choose, or if you would like help and advice your choice, just get in touch through our online contact form. Soon you’ll be taking the first step on your fertility journey.

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