5 August 2015

How to enjoy being pregnant during the summer

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

Being pregnant during the summer

Summer has arrived and at times the heat can make you want to just stay indoors. If you’re pregnant, just the thought of heading out into the suffocating city heat can be exhausting.

So we thought it would be good to share some ideas on how to make the most of the summer and your pregnancy.


It’s certainly warm at this time of year and temperatures of 30°C or over can be oppressive for anyone, let alone a pregnant woman.

The best way of staving off the heat is to lie back in a hammock, out of direct sunlight, with a cool drink. Make the most of it because once the baby is born these spells of rest will be few and far between for both you and your partner.

Comfortable clothing

Dressing for the summer couldn’t be easier. Instead of struggling to combine a dozens of winter layers, you can now go for the easy option – a cool dress made of natural and breathable fibres, like cotton or linen. It’s one headache less and you’ll save money and feel comfortable.

No to “Operation: Bikini”

Pregnancy means you don’t have to worry about getting bikini ready. Your tummy is the ideal cover for those extra pounds and the perfect excuse for enjoying a few more ice creams – but always, of course, staying within the recommended limits.

Last one in is a wimp!

Swimming is highly recommended for pregnant women as water helps you loosen up your muscles and joints. A nice swim, followed by an early evening stroll, will make sure you give birth fully fit and with a perfect tan.

Good habits

Summer is the perfect time to eat healthy salads, fruit and vegetables – so much more appetising when it’s warm and sunny. And don’t forget to eat fish and dairy products and to drink plenty of water – all are indispensable during those nine crucial months.

We hope we’ve convinced you that being pregnant during the summer has its advantages. If you can think of any others to round off this post, please share them.

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