16 February 2017

IVI arrives to U.S., hand-in-hand with RMANJ and consolidates as biggest group in the world

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

IVI has announced today their entry in the U.S. by reaching an agreement with RMANJ to merge both companies. The Presidents of IVI, Prof. José Remohí and Prof. Antonio Pellicer, accompanied by the Presidents of RMANJ, Paul A. Bergh, Richard T. Scott and Michael R. Drews have made public in a press conference this merger that consolidates IVI-RMA Global as the largest group of assisted reproduction in the world.

With ten clinics currently in the U.S., the initial objective of IVI-RMA Global is to continue its expansion in the United States. The sharing of expertise such as an awarded international innovation, unprecedented patient care, and unsurpassable success rates are the essence of this merger.

We are growing, and we are doing in the hands of the best. The ultimate aim of this union is to share the best practices and the latest technologies in every phase of the various treatments offered, always for the benefit of our patients.

Prof. Antonio Pellicer commented about the initial steps towards the merger: “I have known Dr. Scott for many years and we admire and respect each other. I have always pursued the goal of introducing my company in the USA and today I am pleased to announce that we have made it. The key to achieve this step was to go hand-in-hand with RMANJ. We share much the same medical-scientific and business values and interests. This merger will allow us to take full advantage of the expertise, experience and distinguishing elements of both companies for the benefit of our patients and employees”, explained Pellicer.

Prof. José Remohí declared that “after the merger with RMANJ we consolidate our position as the largest group of assisted reproduction in the world. Being in the USA is a dream that now has come true and we have achieved our goal hand by hand with RMANJ which has proved to be the best companion. RMANJ is one of the leading business corporations in reproductive medicine of the United States. This union will allow us to enhance our field of investigation, the fundamental pillar of IVI since its inception which has enabled us to achieve high rates of success, a fact that our patients value when choosing our services.”

The objective of both parties is to continue being leaders in the fields of research and scientific knowledge.

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