7 April 2019
What is non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)?

Pregnancy can be the most wonderful time of life, full of feelings of promise, excitement and, for many people, a time of glowing health and a sense of wellbeing. However, it is also a time of heightened anxiety and fears, some of them non-specific and irrational (but understandable) about a specific danger or risk. For… View Article

2 March 2019
What is a heart-shaped womb and will it affect your pregnancy?

A heart-shaped womb may sound picturesque and endearing but in fact it can sometimes, but not always, lead to problems. This is the common term for a bicornuate uterus, a condition in which the womb is literally heart-shaped as opposed to its normal form, often likened to an inverted pear. A heart-shaped womb during pregnancy… View Article

25 February 2019
Causes of female infertility: what are they and how can they be treated?

The causes of infertility for couples may originate in the man (30%), in the woman (30%) or sometimes both, but in this IVI blog article we are focusing on infertility in women. The causes of infertility are many and varied. They range from anovulation resulting from physical stress, to hormonal disturbances. Some of the most… View Article

male fertility
19 February 2019
What does the latest research show about the future of male fertility?

A ground-breaking study into current levels of male fertility has been undertaken by fertility specialists at IVI. It used the largest sample of men ever studied to date in world scientific literature. Its findings confirm what many people have suspected for some time on the basis of anecdotal evidence, and what fertility specialists working in… View Article

pregnacy test
5 February 2019
How soon after conception can you take a pregnancy test?

For anyone hoping to become pregnant, time can move slowly and days dominate the calendar. We’ve all been told not to wish the time away, but in reality, between the approximate time of ovulation and when your next period is due, it can be very difficult not to wish that the clock would speed up,… View Article

1 February 2019
When does fertility begin to decrease and how to protect your fertility?

The best-known and most obvious cause of declining female fertility is age, with women’s peak fertility age being during their 20s, and quite a steep decline follows after the age of 35. However there are other causes which can accelerate or exacerbate the natural process of declining fertility. Among these are injuries to the fallopian… View Article

30 January 2019
What is implantation bleeding? Symptoms and signs

How our bodies function and the changes that occur, both over the years and through the monthly cycle, are always interesting. Never more so than when we are, or are hoping to be, pregnant. There’s almost certainly never a time when we monitor physical phenomena as closely and minutely as when we are hoping to… View Article

30 January 2019
When are women most fertile?

Whether you are a woman taking precautions to prevent pregnancy or someone hoping to conceive, the question of fertility seems to be always there in the background. The issue of when a female is most fertile has two aspects. Firstly, there is the point in your monthly menstrual cycle when you are most likely to… View Article

25 January 2019
What are the signs and symptoms of miscarriage and how can it be prevented?

A miscarriage, also known as spontaneous abortion, is defined as the loss of a pregnancy during the first 23 weeks. Miscarriages are much more common than most people realise. Among women who know they’re pregnant, it’s estimated that about 1 in 8 pregnancies will end in miscarriage. Many more miscarriages occur before a woman is… View Article

Why am I not getting pregnant?
18 January 2019
Why am I not getting pregnant?

The decision to try for a baby can feel like a momentous moment in your life, whether for an individual or couple. When the desired pregnancy fails to materialise, we can feel surprised, let down and worried, especially when we have probably spent a significant amount of time taking precautions to prevent an unplanned pregnancy… View Article

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