Fertility treatment
12 January 2019
Fertility treatment for men and women: what are the options at a glance?

In this article we intend to offer a broad-brush summary of what options may be available to people with concerns about their own or their partner’s fertility and who may be considering fertility treatment or infertility treatment. Inevitably a quick overview summary cannot cover any one of the fertility treatments in depth but for those… View Article

6 January 2019
What Do You Need to Know About Fertility Drugs?

One of the most common questions that arises for people who experienced infertility or reduced fertility is concerned with the use of fertility drugs. What drugs are available, are they effective and are there any dangers and side effects? The answers to these questions fall mainly into two different areas: ‘standalone’ drugs, i.e. those which… View Article

2 January 2019
How can fertility preservation help women have children or complete their family after cancer treatment?

For anyone, being diagnosed with a serious illness is a major life event in itself, inevitably accompanied by fears and uncertainties about the future. For a woman who has not started or completed her family and wishes to do so, an added burden may be the knowledge that the necessary treatment could itself cause… View Article

What does IVF stand for?
1 December 2018
What does IVF stand for?

In Vitro Fertilisation has been part of the medical and social landscape for 40 years, and even though it is a familiar concept, we don’t always know what it means. In this article we get back to basics and set out the definition of IVF in straightforward terms and explain exactly what is involved in… View Article

sperm going for the egg
29 November 2018
Low sperm count: what are the causes, symptoms and treatment?

We are seeing a growing level of awareness that problems with infertility, far from being exclusively ‘women’s problems’ are in reality often attributable to male factors. In fact, current estimates are that between one third and 40% of all infertility cases arise from this cause. And within that group, the vast majority, 90% of cases,… View Article

infertilidad femenina
21 November 2018
Am I fertile? How to understand and safeguard your fertility

For a significant part of every woman’s life, and for men too, understanding how to know if you’re infertile or fertile, and if so at which times, is a burning question. This applies equally for those who wish to avoid pregnancy, at least for the time being, and to those who would like to… View Article

13 November 2018
How does sperm injection into eggs using ICSI treat male infertility?

In the forty years since the in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) assisted reproduction technique was first successfully carried out, there have been many very significant developments and refinements of the method. One of the most important of these is Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, known as ICSI. This has enabled pregnancy to be achieved successfully in couples diagnosed with… View Article

infertility inphographic
6 November 2018
Secondary Infertility: what is it and what are the treatments?

Secondary infertility is the inability to become pregnant or to carry a baby to term after previously giving birth to a baby. This cool and clinical description defines the term accurately, but can’t begin to describe the bewilderment, anxiety and sheer pain that patients experiencing secondary infertility can feel. Very often the feeling of loss… View Article

IVI Congress-ASRM
23 October 2018
What are the most recent advances in assisted fertility techniques?

IVI, the largest assisted reproduction group in the world, has been offering the most advanced and effective assisted fertility treatments for more than 27 years, thanks to which more than 160,000 babies have been born to date. However, this is not the full story of how the organisation works. It is also at the… View Article

15 October 2018
Undergoing a cycle of IVF: what are the tips for surviving the two-week wait?

As every child waiting impatiently and counting down the days in the run-up to Christmas knows, time has the perverse tendency to slow down exactly when you want it to pass quickly. Or at least that’s how it feels. For anyone undergoing a cycle of IVF, the IVF two-week wait to find out at… View Article

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