reproductive genetics
25 May 2021
Recessive genetic diseases account for about 20% of infant mortality

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), at least 1 in 100 couples in the general population is at high risk of having a child with a severe genetic disorder. In this context, reproductive genetics emerge as an essential field of study, as one of the main concerns of anyone who wants to start a family… View Article

Can you get pregnant after ovulation
20 May 2021
Can you get pregnant after ovulation?

The headline here is that yes, you can get pregnant after ovulation, but only for a short time, and you are more likely to get pregnant if you have sex before ovulation. This might be contrary to the picture you had in your mind of a passive egg ‘waiting’ to be fertilised by a sperm…. View Article

how long does IVF take
17 May 2021
How long does IVF take?

The decision to have IVF treatment is a big one. It comes probably after a long period of hoping for pregnancy, fearing infertility. It comes to terms with the need for fertility treatment. It’s understandable that, once you’ve reached your decision, you’re going to hope for speedy results. But this is a series of stages… View Article

best time pregnancy test
17 May 2021
When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

Any sexually active woman in her reproductive years stands a chance of getting pregnant each month, even if she is using contraception. It’s therefore not surprising that most of us have needed to use a pregnancy test at some point in our lives. Whether you’re hoping to be pregnant or very much wanting not to… View Article

fertility clinic
5 May 2021
What is the IVI Baby plan in IVI fertility clinics?

People who have fertility problems and are considering treatment have long been used to the idea that they are facing a long and complicated course of procedures. The expectation is that when you go to a fertility clinic, eggs and sperm are tested among lots of other processes, at the end of which the outcome… View Article

IVF process
15 April 2021
The IVF process steps

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the process by which egg and sperm are brought together in the laboratory to form an embryo. This is later transferred to a woman’s uterus to develop into a baby in the normal way. For many people, that broad-brush description is as far as their knowledge needs to go. But… View Article

frozen embryo transfer
6 April 2021
Which cycle day is a frozen embryo transfer?

There are many aspects of frozen embryo transfer which are different to fresh transfer, as well as many similarities. In this article, we aim to explain some of the differences between these two well-established assisted reproduction techniques. These include differences in the hormonal medication protocols involved and the choices available to the patient for the… View Article

vitrified embryo treatments
9 March 2021
The success of vitrified embryo treatments is comparable to that of fresh embryo transfers

The current global pandemic, coupled with the collapse of health care, is forcing people to postpone the desire to have children in the face of widespread uncertainty. This is already reflected in many countries, which have recorded a drop in the birth rate in 2020 and expect an even more drastic drop in 2021. In… View Article

8 March 2021
International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day (IWD) has always had a dual function: to challenge injustice and gender inequality on the one hand, and on the other, to celebrate the achievements and successes of women the world over. The date to mark in your calendar is 8 March. Each year the event has a different theme and this… View Article

vasectomy procedure
18 February 2021
Male vasectomy procedure: what is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure that a man can have as a permanent form of birth control. It works by cutting off the supply of sperm to your semen so that even though you still ejaculate normally, there are no sperm present and so you cannot make someone pregnant. Because of its permanent nature,… View Article

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