28 August 2019

Treatments with donated embryos triple in the last decade

By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

In the last decade the number of treatments involving donated embryos has tripled here at IVI.

Although just over half of these patients were Spanish, IVI is still experiencing a lot more patients coming from overseas to receive this treatment, mainly due to the legality aspects that come with embryo transfer.

We have spoken to the director of the IVI clinic in Valencia Dr Ernesto Bosch to get his take on where the increase in embryo transfer treatment is coming from. He stated “The majority of them are older than 40, so their chances of conceiving with own gametes are limited or non-existent. If you add the legal limitations imposed by their home country and their strong desire to become mothers, no wonder they see the liberal Spanish law as a tempting option,”

He then goes on to explain: “Despite the fact that the usual patients receiving this treatment is heterosexual couples, it is worth noting that the number of single women over 40 are choosing embryo donation treatment is also increasing due to the age factor and their state of fertility. Currently, these woman constitutes 37% of the treatments with donated embryos at IVI”.

When the desire is stronger than prejudice

Before choosing a treatment involving donated embryos, it is crucial that the patients get through the process of understanding and accepting that they will not become pregnant with their own sperm and eggs.

“Many patients come to our office with a big moral dilemma. The idea of having a child who does not possess their genes gives them a certain irrational sense of rejection. But the truth is, motherhood is much more than genetics. Motherhood is biology, evolution, emotions. It´s pure nature. And that is non-transferrable”, adds Dr. Pilar Dolz, IVI Valencia’s psychologist.

Single woman and couples who are experiencing fertility issues which make it impossible for them to become parents have to go through a difficult acceptance process. That’s why here at IVI; time, empathy understanding and support are the key pillars which lay the foundation of our company. Every day the clinical team are faced with grieving patients so from a psychological and emotional perspective it is our role to show them how to overcome this process and help look for the best alternative to fulfil their dream of becoming parents.

What this means for the future of fertility

Fertility is still very much a taboo subject but these scientific advances are opening up new opportunities and avenues for those people wanting to become patients. IVI invests so much time and money into research on areas such as donated embryo transfers with the one objective at the front of everyone’s minds: helping dreams of having a family come true.

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