16 November 2022

Professor Antonio Pellicer, best researcher in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in Spain

Prof. Antonio Pellicer best researcher
By the Editorial Comitee IVI Blog

Prof. Antonio Pellicer, CEO of IVIRMA, heads the ranking of the best researchers in Spain in the category of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and in Reproductive Biology. This is reflected in the h-index, based on the scientific production with the greatest impact throughout the world.

The truth is that Professor Pellicer has led this classification for years, with 806 publications and an h-index of 101. As he explains, it is very gratifying to be recognized in this way.

“After more than 30 years of incessant work and research to advance the study and treatment of infertility, it is very gratifying to reap the fruits of all this effort. Leading this ranking, surrounded by other great researchers and colleagues in the profession, encourages me to continue fighting to offer the best reproductive solutions to women and couples who trust us to achieve their dream”, comments Prof. Pellicer.

IVI in the h-index ranking

Professor Pellicer is not the only representative of IVIRMA that we find in this classification. Thus, he is followed in second position by Prof. Remohí, co-founder of IVI, with 363 publications and an h-index of 82. In fifth comes Prof. García Velasco, current Chief Scientific Officer for IVIRMA Global, who in turn has 301 publications and an h-Index of 59.

For Professor Pellicer, best researcher in Spain, this is a great satisfaction. “It shows clearly that I’ve had a magnificent team of friends and collaborators throughout my professional career.”

Likewise, recognition in the h-index confirms that research and advances in assisted reproduction, which have their application in clinical practice, benefit patients who wish to fulfill their dream of having a child.

“These bibliometric indices have many years of dedication to biomedical research behind them. They have been of enormous benefit to our patients. Many women and couples find the solution to their infertility at IVI, even in the most complicated cases at the reproductive level. Today, thanks to initiatives such as the Center of Excellence in ovarian rejuvenation, in which we are pioneers, we can help more and more patients to fulfill their dream of becoming parents in the shortest time and with the greatest guarantees”, Prof. Pellicer concludes.

The value of the h-index

The h-index comes from a study based on the work that researchers have developed. It measures quantity but also quality. To do this, it takes as a reference the publications themselves, but also the number of times that other professionals from around the world have cited these papers.

The Spanish scientists with the best h-index are made known thanks to the Group for the Dissemination of the h-Index (DIH). The higher the score, the more influential the published paper will be.

It was the American physicist Jorge E. Hirsch who developed this tool in order to measure the professional quality of researchers, calculating the number of citations received by their scientific articles.

This ranking establishes a specific classification for each discipline, of the seven areas of knowledge into which it is divided, based on the ISI Web of Science database on scientific publications.

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